Kim Wu Dynamic Theme( for Kim Mains) 2 versions

I found one that surprisingly has even parts that Rkosmik usually captures in his dynamic themes.

This one is superior in that it had all elements including the ultra tones for Kim at the end, and no Orchid flushing sounds before the 16+ hit combo chorus 9 mins!!

By contrast, this is Rkosmik version 7 mins

Do you guys think they will edit Kims official soundtrack down to 3 mins from 10 mins like they did Orchids? I hate that. :frowning:

I wonder if the vocals of the screaming was done by females other than the lady who sings the arirang part- as in if it was part of the demo they made before hey brought in the instrument player and the Korean lullaby inspired singer.

Anyway this is for you Kim lovers! I listen to Kims theme more than Orchids now.

Great for snapping YouTube for practicing or even fights- or I listen all time during the day-


The only reason I prefer Rkosmiks version over the edited version is because the buildup from 1:25 to 1:55 is way too good. Whereas, the edited version is lighter on the buildup and takes away from the hype IMO.

Edit: Goodness this theme is so good lol

I don’t like chopped up versions of songs who with missing parts and the flush sound idk

I do like most of rkosmik

I tend to hate RKO’s mixes because he always makes the chorus’ take way too long to get to, and he doesn’t even repeat the chorus’ that much. Especially with Kim’s theme, I feel like the chorus should come early and often, and it should play twice in a row each time. It seems like the Chinatown Brawl video above also seems to have that issue. My personal favorite Kim mix is this one:

The major issue with it is that it still has the slowdown shadow move effects in it, which leads to bad transitions. But I still prefer it over the other two due to the emphasis on the chorus, and I also think its buildup is much better throughout. I just wish there was a smoothed out version of that one.

Not directed towards anyone

Whoa! that editing is all over the place and the chorus goes on for like 2 mins lol
I just can’t take those flushing sounds seriously outside of the game!

And shadow jagos ultra rhythm instead of Kims is offensive