KIM WU confirmed. Now lets repost all that fantastic fan art


Look guys & girls! New Fan Art!

If this is similar to Kim’s design, I’d totally be happy.


Oh my. :blush:
I’d like a Starfire alternate to go with that too.


Chibi season 3 set number one lol



Orchid chibi from the double helix forums I did for fan art
look at fire kit! Lol


Found on web


Here is another fantastic Kim Wu art piece



That’s AMAZING artistry


Amazing the attention to detail is incredible :heart_eyes:


ooo awesome!

Haven’t seen this fanart yet until now :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing~!!


Resurrecting this old thread with another cool Kim Wu fanart I found.

Name of the artist is Edwin Huang.


Man…Kim Wu is so cool :smile: