Kim wu alternate costume

somebody asking me if i can draw Kim in Kpop style since she is half korean,i don’t know so much about kpop so i watched tons of videos to have a reference and this born ,fashion Wu !


Very nice!

For some reason, kinda reminds me of the Jubilee look from the first or second X-men movie.

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I would IMMEDIATELY purchase this if it was in game content.

Good stuff!


The hair would be easy to animate and I like the idea of jeans .

She looks pleasantly mid 20s as well so this would be a successful evolution of Kim.

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Really nice alternate costume idea.

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Is there any K-Pop vibes in this one?

Who’re next? TJ Combo? Maya? Tusk? Mira? Thunder? Eagle? Fulgore? Spinal? Sadira? Glacius? Cinder?

i cant say too much but this month i will share 2 at the same time and you already mentioned one :wink:

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Which one?

hahha just wait dont kill the hype