Kim wu 3 kick cancel

Can someone please explain to me how and when to use this ? I don’t know much about canceling or anything like that . Do you use it mid combo ? What exactly is supposed to happen ?

Are you talking about Dragon Cancels? I just want to be clear.

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Do you mean that dash thing that you spend dragons on? Press LT and you need to have dragons on you.

You can do it from full screen. Do the medium version of your dragon kick. Depending on your starting point it will put you near the top of their head then dragon dash and you will be right behind them. It works as a full screen crossup. Basically they will be blocking in front not behind. When you’re behind them use your RB to hit them from behind while you are falling.

Basically it makes your dragon kick safe. If you do a regular dragon kick without the dash cancel then when you fall you’ll have a huge recovery period and vulnerable to attack.

You can also use it when your close to an opponent. Dash forward and they will be caught off guard. From there you have three option attack low, high or grab.

I do it in this clip but in front of Glacius.

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It’s also great for manuals and resets because doing a dragon cancel mid combo cancels the recovery frames of the previous autodouble or special you did. It requires some practice though.

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Putting this into practice in Silver, 50-10 right now overall.

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Are you asking about her combo?
Hope my example can help you :smiley:

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Just want to say watching a techvideo with that loud music is annoying it feels like youre trying to yell over it.

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I’m talking about when you press LT . On the command list I thought that’s what it was talking about when it says dragon cancels. Does it do anything when you don’t have a dragon ? And when I do . It just does a really short, like half second dash.

Thanks everybody . How do you do the dragon dash ? Is it LT also ?

Three Kicks pressed at the same time.
LT is 3 kicks assigned

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Got . Thanks so much everyone. Y’alls videos explained it perfectly for me !!! She seems really good once you get the hang of her.

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When would you want to use Kim’s command nunchuck combination attacks ? I can’t seem to figure out when they would be useful at all , as opposed to doing a normal combo. They don’t seem to effective at all for me . And they all seem to look the exact same.

If you’d like to add me, we can have some mirrors I love to play Kim…

I think she will be the first character I will use entirely in shadow mode.
Like literally searching people in the shadow roster rather than having to deal with Afro blackface rash players who thrust on the corner all day.