Kim vs tusk

I played vs a few tusk players and I can’t get in on him with kim wu. And I can’t jump in due to his down and heavy punch. Any ideas clearly I see u have to play this mstch up rather patient. Thanks

For clarification, is this supposed to be in the Kim Wu section? It looks like it to me.

Wow, thought it was wtf? Lol my bad can you move it brother? Thanks

No problem, I just wasn’t sure whether you wrote the wrong character or put it in the wrong section! I didn’t want to move it if you were actually meaning to discuss Shadow Jago.

Since I’ve been playing her exclusively since Saturday as part of my Ranked Challenge, I have had really mixed results against Tusks. Sometimes I’m tripping them up with mixups and reactionary Dragon Kicks, other times I’m getting smashed by well-timed, planned deflect windows. I don’t personally have enough understanding to be able to give you great advice, but I know I need to work on Dragon Countering him more, and I might need to practice firing her projectile from mid range and then comboing into a Dragon Dance.

Same, I was trying to counter him with so so results at best. And he controls the air it has mew vexed. Also, deflection seems rather deliberate instead of random. I played shin Tristan n his tusk destroyed me for free.

From what I gathered, it’s best to wait for Tusk to do an unsafe move and go in. If he’s far then L Dragon Kick, if he’s close M Dragon Dance or st.MP.

A successful counter leads back to st.MP or M Dragon Dance.

I don’t know the names of Kim’s moves, but you can punish almost anything he whiffs on the ground (and even a lot of blocked attacks) using your flying kick special and his far jump ins using the diagonal upward version (I think it’s the same move, anyway). I played a long set yesterday against @fenderflix yesterday and he had me on the ropes just by hanging back, being more patient than me and letting me hang myself.

Thanks, I’ll try to counter more. Counter st. Mp Might Be MY Best Option

I have only played this from the Tusk side, but there are lots of Kim Wu players that give me trouble. My experience is the same as @ShabuWL. “Jump Back” Kim Wu who hangs at the edge of the screen waiting for you to walk or jump into her dragon kicks or overhead kick (qcb LK). Tusk doesn’t have a lot of ways to get close, and it’s really tough to block a dragon kick on reaction. Any of Tusk’s slow normal can be dragon kicked on whiff.

Here are some thoughts. Try to bait out the unsafe stuff and whiff punish with light Dragon Kick. Once you knock him down, try to be as annoying as possible with cross-ups. Show him that you don’t respect his DP and ultimately bait it out for a full combo punish. If he puts you in blockstun with his sword normals, don’t push buttons since most of them fall directly into his deflect window. Use the counter when you see him flash white to gain dragons. With heavy Dragon Kick into Dragon cancel you should be able to escape the pressure eventually. As an alternative you could always try a jump in if you noticed that he often uses the sword normals that don’t cover much vertical space. If he puts you in the corner, you have to take a risk at some point but other than that be patient.

Again from the Tusk perspective.

The word of the day with Tusk is “punishment”.

If you jump at me I will hurt you.

If I block an unsafe move I will hurt you.

If you mistime a shadow dragon kick into a s.HP I will hurt you. Bad.

Just a couple of these mistakes and half your lifebar is gone in half the buttons of other characters.

However, Tusk wields a double edged sword. He punishes hard but is relatively easy to punish by comparison. In the time it takes for me to recover from a whiffed HP you can get up, find a man on tinder, hook up, get married, adopt a starving African child, and get back in time to use an opener of your choice.

So as others have suggested try to bait out things and take as much advantage as you can before getting back out (staying in and eating a DP to the face will hurt). If you do come in fly in fast with a dragon kick from a range they have a hard time reacting to. If I jump and try to prod you with MP you can beat me out of the sky with the button of your choice (seriously I need to cut that out myself).

One more thing;






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Lol, hilarious n thanks. Thanks too all actually. Any tusk or kim wu players wanna lab today let me know I’ll be on about 730pm central time WURLBFREE1981

I’ve had the most success against Tusk with HK Dragon Dance; particularly against his QCF dash. The move covers good distance and has decent active frame durations for stuffing. Recovery on block is actually pretty good against Tusk.

Once he’s down keep the pressure on him with DEEP cross ups; you want to land far enough behind him to avoid his DP wake; the giant hit box on Kim’s jump HP makes this particularly easy to do.

If he blocks the cross up, follow with your best high-low mixup/tick throw game. And REPEAT.

DO NOT attempt raw jump-ins on Tusk. I had a lot of difficulty with Tusk too; but the above strategy has given me some confidence when dealing with him.

I don’t have the game in front of me right now, but wouldn’t his slide be able to low profile this?