Kim trailer now live

Here’s the trailer, enough said

Kim Wu trailer


She looks so beautiful and fun to play. She will be my new main. I love her <3

I’m looking forward to playing her - at least I can say that I got to the forum post quicker than the news team as well :slightly_smiling:

I’m glad I was able to bring the trailer link from the official KI channel to you as quickly as I did, I’m looking forward to seeing how she plays in person when she joins the cast in march.

I also think her theme’s good too.

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Downloaded the trailer for my impressions video coming up! Thanks man.

No sneak peak!!! What!!!

Yeah, I also love her theme (Shout-outs to Celldweller and Atlas Plug).

That’s a shame there’s no release date yet (I know S3/PC version is coming in March, but not the exact day), but maybe we will see tomorrow in the “Special announcements”. And thank you for sharing the video, my friend. :smiley:

Visuals and gameplay look great not sold on her personality though.


They said it was for a reason and that we should keep tuned over the weekend.

Really? I’m actually the opposite. I love her personality! It’s really confident and cocky, similar, but disimilar, to Cinder. Her appearance, on the other hand, seems a bit underwhelming. I don’t like her choice of default clothing colors and her face doesn’t look as good as I was hoping it would be. She’s also, well, tiny - like Hisako. I know women are generally smaller than men (pease forgive me if that sounds sexist), but after getting used to the likes of Orchid and Maya, she seems almost too small, right alongside Hisako. Is this because they’re both “technically” girls and not women (please forgive me if that sounds ageist) or because they’re both oriental in nature (please forgive me if that sounds racist)? Her skin also seems unusually dark for her culture (although I’m sure she gets a lot of sun from visits to the beach) - she almost seems Hawaiian to me, in fact. Is she of American nationality? I ask because she has no accent and speaks fluently in English. That being said, I do love the fire-dance effects that she has with her weapons, as well as the hovering dragon spirits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can wait! Can’t Wait! Kimmy new addition to Waifu Harem. Wish she could have gotten the High Low Fire ball ender, but Oh well. The new cross over Air Dash, and Counters. Are VERY Welcome new additions :slight_smile: I’m loving it!

Her counters remind me of Rose from the SF series. I also like the vibe she gives off - she’s a modern girl who is mystically gifted by inheritance and tradition to be the chosen 1, and as such reminds me of numerous other brightly-colored oriental girls from other FGs, as well as characters similar to Goku from Dragon Ball Z and other anime. Her flying kick also reminds me of Liu Kang from the MK series, and her chucks remind me of Maxi from the SC series too. I bet she likes Pokemon. :wink:


She sounds and talks like a Kardashian lol. Otherwise shes come out awesome.

Your comments make me remember this! LOL

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I thought the modeling of Kim Wu badly made ​​… the modeling of Killer Instinct characters are not a masterpiece (barely made ​​faces , hair style helmet, horrible skin color textures) , however in case of Kim Wu Iron Galaxy missed much …

Killer Instinct deserved a beautiful graphic improvement , but unfortunately this will not happen because Microsoft and Iron Galaxy are not pressured to do so, since these days the guys who like fighting games only knows worry about mechanics game and gameplay and the rest ( graphics, sound , history etc ) that explode, no one gives a ■■■■ same , business is beating and rankear as much as possible …

Those were the days in which you arrived in a video arcade and was blown away by the graphics quality of games of fights like Art of Fighters , Samurai Shadow , Mortal Kombat 1, etc

Not really a fan of her look or her character design.

Though her gameplay looked to be pretty solid.

After hearing that theme I have to say, I now trust Celldweller and Atlas Plug, I look forward to seeing what they will do next.


@GalacticGeek I don’t hate her personality but I’m going to have to see more of it to make a final judgement as for her outfit I really like it, it reminds me of allot of RedZ artwork which is awesome.

Really her height isn’t short realistically, you mentioned Hisako who is 5’4 that is above the national average for a modern Japanese woman which is 5’2 not to mention people hundreds of years ago were shorter than today. I think Kim Wu and Hisako just seem short in comparison because KI has so many huge characters, if they were in Street Fighter or Tekken it wouldn’t really be noticeable.

I’ll be the broken record I guess:

I’ll start with what I liked (not that it matters since people will just comment on what I don’t like anyway)

Her hair and facial features were very well done, also her animations had real quality for the most part.

Stage was an interesting move away from tradition, would have liked more Asian architecture though.

Nunchaku animations were cool and the whole gameplay mech attached to them seemed interesting.

What I disliked (and what everyone will comment on)

Personality: I absolutely hated this, like a cross between a bratty ungrateful teen and a child. I get she has the “I’m a teen and this huge responsibility has been cast upon me” personality trait but it’s been done much better before.

Soon as she opened her mouth I had a bad taste in mine.

Clothing was a little generic thought they would have gone a little crazier perhaps.

Nothing Bruce Lee related either (from what I saw) this kinda got to me as I was Hoping Kim would be the Bruce-a-like character for KI.

Thought the music was bland and generic, not bad though it had a quality but it was neither amazing or terribly bad. Unfortunately didn’t get my foot tapping like Micks themes used to, this might change when hearing other themes.

Overall disappointed which is my own fault for getting my hopes up

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Eh… The trailer was okay… The character was flawless. Not so sure about the stage I like it tho.


Nothing against Janet jackson herself… I just didn’t like the look :confused:

The arbiter was the reveals at the end of kims trailer