Kim Outdated Tech

Are the youtube tech guides from bastfree, @SonicDolphin117 ,@HughBoyZilla still accurate? Or have subsequent KI patches/updates made them outdated?

Any other Kim Tech threads worth looking into? I have 25 total tech videos on youtube saved to a playlist but nothing newer than 4 years old…

Most of what you find around that period should be technically in date, maybe not everything, but most of it. That’s about the time KI went into it’s final state.

That’s kind of what I figured. I haven’t found any content newer then what’s already out there from years back about Kim. There’s only a couple of text that I can’t seem to get to work but it could just be a matter of input timing… I think I’m just going to post and tag sneerful or any of the other Kim users from back in the day and see if they have any updates…

Or maybe I could just do nothing else but play ki like I pretty much already do and try to find some new tech huh??:no_mouth:

It’s all in knowing about the properties of your attacks and figuring out creative ways to use them in those situations that give you the most trouble.

Try turning on the hitboxes in training mode and testing certain attacks at various ranges and timings. You may be surprised and find something useful. It sounds like simple advice, but believe me, it’s playing around with that stuff I begin to find some good tech.

Of course, there’s also studying your frame data, if you feel ready to move to that level…

Again thank you for the response…

I am aware of frame data and the importance of it-however I’m just learning the significance of it and I’m trying to take friend data into account more and more as I continue playing.

I’ve been recording matchups and scenarios inside of a two-player match then I take a look at the replay with hitboxes and everything frame by frame.

I’ve learned a couple of things already-

anytime I see someone play Kim and they do a “YOLO dragon kick juggle” LT DK-dragon cancel etc."they always follow the dragon cancel with a crouching high punch and then follow up with whatever attack … I discovered that the most advantageous attack after the dragon cancel is a crouching medium kick.

I’ve learned a couple of other things as well such as dashing with Kim wu is a bad idea.

I’ve also been toying with a couple of pesky poking ideas that I have but that’s all super secret top squirrel secret…

That all being said I really don’t know ■■■■ about it except for what it is and roughly vaguely but it’s used for so any tips you have to share or ideas on how to utilize frame data PLEASE share.

There’s a couple YouTube videos that I’ve watched over and over again just explaining fighting game fundamentals and I think that’s where I’m going to be spending a little bit of my time is the fundamentals…

Kim shouldn’t have any outdated tech AFAIK. The history of her changes is pretty short and pretty much all of it is buffs.

Basic rules to frame data in pressure are:

  1. anything that is -5 or more on block and leaves you close to the opponent will get punished
  2. anything that is -1 to -4 is safe, but your next attack will not come out first so you need to start blocking
  3. anything that is plus (you’ll usually see it as +2 or more) will let you keep attacking safely with a normal

Kim ends her simplest block-strings with medium-Dragon Dance and heavy-firecracker, depending on the distance she wants to keep. Dragon Dance will keep her closer, Firecracker will push her away. Both are plus, but use the fastest normal you possibly can as the follow-up and repeat. This way you can keep the opponent blocking for a long time and push them into making the mistake of challenging the pressure loop you’re doing. Just watch out for shadow counters.