Killer teir invite

Just cause you can beat someone in killer tier (or even worse, their derpy shadows) doesn’t mean you yourself are ready for killer tier.


Yeah… I don’t play ranked KI, but I am stoicly against participation awards in a competitive environment. If one can’t make it to Killer on their own merit, they aren’t Killer material, and have no business drowning outside their rank.

Especially the Shadow thing. That’s nonsense.


Yeah i reckon that would be true. Just thought it would be a cool feature.

Why do we even have shadows?
They’re hardly a faithful representation of the player and it’s obvious to everyone. If the shadow was worth anything there would be no such thing as a retribution fight which you already get to do whenever your shadow is beaten.

I thought that way at first too, but once a shadow gets about 10 or so recordings against a certain opponent, it starts behaving the way the player does to an extent.

It’s interesting to watch a shadow evolve that way.

Absolutely not.

I think i played some 2200 games in Gold to get to Killer and even now, i get 2-0’ed by other Killers and have to grind with Golds. I get why it’s a cool idea, but it’s like a participation trophy. The top of the mountain is hard to reach.

For me, my shadow is my mirror in training. Exactly what i do right and wrong with a matchup, and there’s no interpretation (if IG is to be believed) because if i haven’t done it, it won’t do it. Has been a unique way for me to find holes in what i’m doing in certain situations.


Can someone explain what Killer teir is and how do I get it? Is it a special honor only devs can hand out to the best of the best? I am stuck in Killer tier and I don’t know what to do to get to Killer teir. Thanks.

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Have you considered changing your GT to something like SasuKappa? SasuKa99a? Something along those lines? :wink:

I like it. I might consider it if I have some extra money. I can make an alt. I’ll do it.

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Killer teir is earned by climbing the ladder in ranked league and I’ve been stuck in gold for ages.

Perhaps you are a Gold level player? Nothing wrong w incentive to improve. You should hit up the Replay Analysis thread. You’ll make Killer when you consistently play at Killer level.

Replay Analysis is a huge tool for improvement, and an immense act of kindness and community service.


Sounds like a place for me to hear to next. Thanks for the top. I’m just losing motivation because I pretty much always get powned by killers.

Levelling up ain’t easy, and a huge part is because we can rarely actually identify where we are making mistakes, and moreover WHY we are making them. Keep an open mind, and don’t let your ego get in the way of advice, and this thread could be an immense asset. Best of luck to you!


How do I get the video into the thread? Do I use the game DVR? Can I upload to the cloud out something?

Best way is to record via typical non game method, DVR, stream archive, what-have-you. I thought there was instructions in the thread, might be misremembering… I’m sorta techno-illiterate, soz I can’t suss out step-by-step.

@Dayv0 @STORM179

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Can I upload something from the Xbox app? A buddy of mine DVRd a fight that had a double ko. I wiped out his red bar and he wiped out my green bar. Itv was awesome.

I think people are right that this isn’t an appropriate way to advance. But there may be a nugget of a good community idea building mechanism in here. I just can’t think of what exactly it would be.

That should work, yeah.

Closing the thread at the request of the OP.