Killer rank/achievements for s3

So I have been holding back the killer achievement due to working on 20 ranked wins with each character. Will their be a rank reset with season 3? I don’t want to try and get 20 ranked wins with 8 new characters while locked into killer rank. But I also don’t want to wait and s3 be harder to achieve that rank. So suggestions on what I should do?

I’m doing those for the characters too, but I preferred to get the Killer achievement first, since I would have the chance at 2-out-of-3 matches which would have me possibly require searching for less players to get the 20 wins (each match win counts as one, I found this out after unlocking the achievement for one ranked win with Aria on the first game of a set). I do lose to a few Killers, but I could still take a game off of them and it would count so.

What does the killer achievement have to do with you not wanting to be killer before season 3? if it resets then it resets, just become a killer again.

Killer vs Killer are 2-out-of-3 matches, getting there would mean getting the achievement so might as well get that one first.

Getting 20 wins with Kan-Ra was awful since I suck SO HARD with him.