Killer Intinct Custom themes for N3DS

there’s a whole of themes that i made it for customize your console if you have custom firmware

just download,copy the folders to your folder name’s (THEMES) in your micro SD root , turn on your console
and launch CHMM installer , now your nintendo 3ds its killer

all themes have music

please enjoy

*wait for retro themes and hero art themes update :slight_smile:

UPDATE 1 Hero Themes

*Note : Mira Hero Theme added !

UPDATE 2 Classic KI Themes

UPDATE 3 Classic KI2 Themes


Awesome work man. Definitely using these!

Also does it only work on N3DS?

yes, only for the Nintendo 3ds family old 3ds/2ds/new/xl

That’s awesome!

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Dude, thanks for these!


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Anyone know how to install these onto their 3DS? Not sure how to get them…

first of all thanks , and the first step to get these working , it’s hacking your 3ds through software -CFW-
if you know what im talking about , after all those steps when you have your custom firmware working
you download an app called CHMM installer with extension .CIA you need to create a new folder named --themes-- in the root of your SD memory card and copy the theme files on it

Note* the themes won’t work if you have a 3ds without that modifications in the system

They patched out YouTube and Safari so unless I use one of three titles I won’t be able to get the hacker on my DS :frowning:

Is there another program able to bypass the payment requirement and selection of game that I can use to get the hacking program on my DS?

ok ok i think you’re confused , i explain this step by step

first answer that

-what is the last version of your Nintendo 3ds ? (it needs to be 10.5 or less to work , if you have 10.6 and the latest 10.7 you gonna need a physical copy of the following games ‘‘TLOZ ocarina 3D’’’ or ‘’‘Cubic Ninja’’
-the hacking program are files that you copy on your SD card, you don’t need to buy or something else
what do you mean when you wrote that they patched youtube and safari ?

Before 10.5 you could use YouTube or Safari as your hacking tool instead of using a physical copy of a game. But since I have the latest update, I cannot use anything outside of a physical copy of said game. There is another alternative to not having to use a physical copy of a game but it cost to get the program. I was wondering if there was a workaround to not only that program but having to use a physical copy of a game.

If not I’ll just get Cubic Ninja though.

mmmm,I understand your problem dude , but certainly i don’t have any idea , how to help you
hope you find the solution and if you got it just message me,to help you to install these themes

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Where did you get those Classic KI images?

The wallpapers from the top screen were made by Ravan86 also known as the designer of the Hero Instinct arts post in this group,and the bottom screen are simple backgrounds of the snes game that i found in google,