Killer Instinct World Cup 2018 is happening


I will go. :slight_smile:


looking forward to it

will be interesting to see

It was always a thing. I asked him not to long ago earlier in the year After CEO.

I don’t know other information besides that.

Awesome KI news :grin: :+1:

I would love to go, hang out with other forum members, stuff like that.

Realistically I don’t know if I’d be able to. Maybe if they have a 2019 cup.

I believe the current plan is for this year’s Cup to be an open bracket.

If you’re interested in going, I’d recommend try to go to check it out as opposed to waiting for “next year.” There’s a pretty decent chance that KIWC doesn’t happen at all next year.

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Yeah, I’m aware. The thing is for me though is I’m just now starting a new job, and I don’t know how I’d be able to handle taking off for it then. I’m assuming after I’ve been with this job for awhile I’ll have some vacation time and I’d be able to go to one, but as of right now it’s just not feasible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m only talking about my own situation and in no means am trying to discourage others from going, but for me, as of right now next year’s not likely to happen.

This is exciting. I’m going to plan my vacation around this event :smiley:


Yeah, I got you. Congrats on the new job!


You better have good supplementary events.

Oh yes, I’m also a big disc golf fan so I’ll be visiting courses in the area as the main event. KIWC will be a fun experience to supplement a trip.

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Brandon you legend :heart: it’s been a real pleasure watching both world cups so far. Great production values and quality content. Hopefully Microsoft can support him on this for all Brandon does for the game. @rukizzel