Killer Instinct Windows 10 Edition Questions

Hi I was wondering if the Windows 10 Edition’s ranked was cross play with the Xbox One’s? That’s the only thing keeping me on board really with that version right now. If not I’ll probably reluctantly cough up the extra money for the Steam one and leave problems like (crashing and no fullscreen) behind.

From my understanding, only the Steam version has segregated ranked mode.

Thanks, someone told me it wasn’t and I couldn’t find anything online since the Steam version just released. Is there any possible way to play the Wndows 10 version in full screen though? That’s my only other major complaint. Thanks for the reply tho!

xbl ranks are “safe” and seperated.
and you can still find player with the win10 edition. (with and without any crossplay feature)
fullscreen? go to the video options and set it to fullscreen (should be the first point) - otherwise ‘Alt+Return’ - otherwise new graphic drivers (driver clean install).

Wait, those that are “safe” seperated include the windows 10 version or just the xbox? Cause if it is I am very tempted to get the steam version currently yesterday and today my Xbox app’s connectiviy is blocked and I cannot find a match in KI. I have tried fixing it and nothing has worked so far. God I hate windows 10.

xbl stats = xbone & winstore
steam = steam

I’ve wrote a tutorial in the past what could help you.
So far it has helped everyone i’ve talked with and who didn’t want to troll with his “smartness”, since i tried to cover all possibilities. You only have to do this steps once per device.

win10 is awesome - 2 years without real problems^^

I want to stay with the Win 10 one but I legitimately cannot find a match due to my connectivity being blocked. I have tried various things to fix it and none seem to work.