Killer Instinct / Windows 10 discussion!

Now that we have a concrete release window for the W10 version of KI (March 2016!), what are you expected to see from the W10 version?

Hopefully mod support is okay for KI c:

I’m hoping they have a range of complex graphics options, because knowing my computer I’ll probably have to set everything to low.

Has anyone tried the whole “playing from your PC” with the Xbox app yet? I did, on high there was a fair amount of input lag but it ran better than I thought it would. Playable, but not ideal for any type of practice. This feature would probably work with any other type of game besides fighters or shooters.

Was that a definite on waiting until S3 to play on Win10 or can we get S2 a lil earlier… They announced S3 but technically the announcements made so far leave room to release an S2 before then. What about public beta testing and all that other fun pc release stuff

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S2 beta for Win10 would be an awesome idea.

But sadly, we have to wait until March 2016 alongside S3.

A range of settings to alter the experience enough to make it work on a variety of hardware configurations. Potato settings for the folks like me, Godmode settings for the folks with money invested in their rigs.

Hopefully mod support of some sort, though even without official support someone will find a way.

Maybe a beta?

It needs to run at 90fps.

Any news on whether we’ll need a Live subscription to play online?