Killer Instinct Weekly Youtube news?

Is there any Youtube channel’s out there that does Weekly news on Killer Instinct at all? Every time some news come’s out I like to look at Youtube to see if anyone has covered it because i’m not totally big on reading but everything I find is always like from 9 or 6 months ago or it’s just lets plays. Dose anyone know of anyone who covers K.I news Regularly on Youtube?


Unfortunately there isn’t anything like that (to my knowledge) but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do with the frustration of seeing no other fighting game sites cover news on KI. Shoryuken does an ok job but it’s still lacking. Just in case I ever do get around to it, what kind of specific content would you want to see in such a show? Would you want tournament news? Game news like the survey stuff? Interviews? Would you want it to be professional coverage (very formal and scripted) or more ‘gritty’ (off-the-cuff discussion with opinions thrown in)?

Figuring out what niches need to be filled in terms of content is something the community needs to get to fixing right away!

I was planning on doing one for when the 3.6 update hits with the PD change as that’s something the entire community needs to talk about! At least, in my opinion!

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There’s really not a lot of news to cover right now anyway.

Actually, there is!

We had a textual stream last week, a new survey, a tournament during weekend, KI Cup is close, KI was nominated for the Game Adwards, we had a SL update not long ago, devs asked us for PD changes opinion…

There is a lot to be covered, but we may lack a proper youtube channel with regular updates. At least tournaments results(which are very numerous) should be analised here, with highlights of the finals, and stuff like that


I like this also info about whats the in textual streams and such that be cool
something like GameXplain does

I think the closest your gonna get when YouTube doors cover check Maximilian dood. YouTube feed isn’t as common place like Dan Rather is, but when there is something to cover Maximilian is a good place to start.

I have checked him out his News updates don’t come out very often at all.

google a guy named maximillian (maximillian d00d is his channel i think). He does full coverage of any ki news, and there is not enough content for him to do it weekly imo

Refer to last comment

We used to have this:


That’s actually a really cool concept, I like this! I’d want to do something like this and also have a segment like the old Capcom Pro Talks where after covering news and whatnot, play a couple of online matches!

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why dont we have this anymore?

No idea. It might be because mike robles left but I’m not sure.