Killer Instinct vs Marvel Universe?

Since Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, what if Killer Instinct something like this with Marvel? If possible?

Well, there have been rumours of Marvels vs Capcom 4, so that would scupper any Marvel vs KI game. If it existed, it’d be great! I mean, just having a team game using KI characters would be cool.

I thought KI vs Marvel would be a good game concept someday.

Jago vs Iron Fist
Orchid vs Black Widow/Silver Sable
Sadira vs Spiderman
Glacius vs Iceman
Cinder vs Pyro
Kan-Ra vs Doctor Strange
TJ Combo vs Luke Cage
Tusk vs Thor
ARIA vs Ultron
Mira vs Blade

While the idea seems neat. I can’t help but feel that the KI side will be a bit overwhelmed because of the characters Marvel has. We’re talking characters that are immortal or extremely OP lol, but It would be something to see that come to life…I can imagine the Marvel characters with Ultra’s holy crap that would be awesome.

That didn’t stop Capcom from doing 3 crossover games with them before.

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Well that’s Capcom, but he’s talking about a game similar to what Mortal Kombat vs DC universe was. Capcom does crossovers all the time so yeah if he said KI vs Capcom then I’d agree.

Rash VS Deadpool

Ehh… Rash is not KI…

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Shhhh you can’t say that out loud :wink:

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It is a cool concept, but it would never happen…at least not in the near future.

The reason there is no Mahvel 4 on the horizon is because Disney is making their own games now…for mobile platforms…instead of consoles.

it would be cool if they did some sort of crossover in the lore though, I mean it could be cool, but I just don’t see something like that ever happening.

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That’s not true, Marvel is the one making their own games paying cheap debts to make mobile games, after the first year Disney told them to stop that.

Disney on the other hand made Disney infinity a game which they had to beg marvel to use its characters kingdom hearts 3 and other games

People have to realize marvel is still it’s own company it just now has a boss that will yell at it

Actually months back Disney said they are making no more games just outsourcing the characters and A guy at marvel said they have games in the works but their not telling us what they are yet.

KI des have immortal characters. ARIA, Fulgore, Tusk (coughpansycough) sorry bad cold, Gargos (in the astral plane), HIsako (coughanotherpansycough), sorry this cold is really bad, who else…let’s aganos I guess? I could one coudl say mira too and Kan-ra.