Killer Instinct VR for MS Mixed Reality, am i dreaming too much?

Good Morning all,

This is Bjpumpindogg The Resident Nigerian Killer Instinct War General.

I been lurking around the threads and reading what yall been saying, I really like how KI looks in 4K on my 65inch LG 4k TV but i want a whole lot more. !

I just wanna say , i wish i could have my way and direct the state of KI and future development my own way, ( Sorry if am sounding a lil selfish), no i aint, i just want KI to get into a lot more hands than it currently is in, cuz honestly this game simply deserves everything good.

So straight to the topic, i been messaging Phil Spencer and some Microsoft/KI Execs about Killer Instinct VR for windows Mixed reality. Do yall think it is a decent request or am just hallucinating? .

My vision for KI VR is that it plays like the VR in Tekken plays,

  1. a lot more better / polished graphics

  2. rotating VR camera that changes with how the character moves and

  3. The VR camera zooms in and out with all the particle effects blasting on the face of whoever is wearing the VR Headsets

  4. Our Killer instinct VR should have online 1 Vs 1

No one is doing anything decent in the VR fighting game space for VR. I just wish we could take advantage of windows MR and be a pace setter like we should be. Samsung odyssey for Windows MR has better resolution i think that will be great for KIVR

What does this community think bout Killer Instinct VR for MS headsets and even go as far as having it on Rift Vive and PSVR.

Sorry i do not like the exclusivity for KI , i think it kills franchises and promotes disunity among the FGC, But thats just my own personal opinion and of course i dont speak for anyone but my thoughts

I think KIVR stand a very good chance with the emerging tech getting so popular. But do the power houses In MS see this vision.?

Its time for the community to talk bout this, what do yall think bout Killer instinct VR ? Yay or nay? and why?


AR or Mixed reality would be neat, dropping characters into irl places just really cool.

Yea, look like my dream will come true. how badly do I want KI in VR