Killer Instinct Vol. 1

I recently picked up and finished reading Killer Instinct Vol. 1, which is the compilation of the recent six issue comic series.

I enjoyed it, it was a fun read with great artwork! Some SPOILERS ahead, so stop reading now if you don’t want the comics ruined for you!

  • While it made sense that Tusk and Kim Wu were prominently focused on, since they had Guardians, I found it odd that Orchid, T.J Combo, and Maya, as well as Thunder, were absent in all major respects. They’re generally considered the primary “good guys” along with Jago, and I figured they’d have more of a showing.

  • I thought Jago’s Tiger Spirit was actually Gargos in disguise manipulating him, but it turns out he actually has a Tiger Guardian? Was that clarified anywhere else, or was it a surprise from the comics?

  • I like how Gargos looked a lot like the more recent incarnation of Diablo from Diablo III.


A possibility of Killer Instinct Vol. 2 overall anytime soon in the near foreseeable future and all?

I’d love one but I haven’t heard anything at all.

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