Killer Instinct upgraded to 4K on Xbox One X

Just announced at the E3 Press Conference. Killer Instinct will be upgraded to 4K via an update patch.


Pretty cool, though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope for more.

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At least it shows that KI will be supported through the launch of the 1X, so I guess that means we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. :grin:


So it’s just a patch not a new game or new season? Will it still have my gamer score, rank, profile and character levels, etc?

I’m just really curious about what the Scorp…sorry, Xbox One X will do for load times. If it half or even further dials down the load times, that would be tremendously awesome!
Also, the fact that they are still working on it and making it a 4K game gives me hope they will also have another season in store…


It will still be the same game, I think the point of all the different systems is just to give you options, but on the network it will all still be the same game, thus same gamerscore, etc…

A decent PC already drops the load times down to nearly non-existant…the only reason I would think the 1X version might still take awhile to load would be the 4K update. Other than that the only worry anyone should have about load times would be when playing online with someone whose on a regular XB1.

While Killer Instinct was only mentioned in the Xbox E3 show, you can catch a glimpse of 4K Cinder in their YouTube trailer:

Here’s hoping that we get more info soon! :scream_cat:



I would imagine the load times would be like the perfect version.

Season 4? Maybe. I’m sure there will be more KI announcements going on in the week.

Is that a new KI logo in the trailer?

Edit: nah. It just doesn’t have the purple background.

As a person who went from PS4 to PS4 Pro, it will be a painless transition. All of your saves and such will carry over.

When I went from Day One Xbox One to Xbox One S, everything transitioned seemlessly.

I would be pretty excited about this if I owned a 4k TV with HDR. As it turns out, I only have one of the better 1080p plasma TVs ever made.

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So is everyone assuming that this is a patch and no one has to “pay” for an upgraded game?
If this has already been confirmed someone enlighten me. Sources would be nice. :slight_smile:

Phil Spencer said on stage that the main few MS games (KI, Gears 4, Forza whatever #, Halo Wars 2,and something else) would all get 4k upgrades at no charge.


Hoping there are more upgrades than just resolution… Better lighting… particles… whatever.

Nope. They said during the conference that all 4k Scorpio upgrades are free. I guess if you get a Scorpio, you just download KI on it and you get upgraded automatically with a patch.


Doubt it. Notice that all the games listed to be getting the upgrade are games that already run at 4K on PC. So we can already see exactly what we’re getting.

In addition, several 3rd party games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy XV, and about 30 others will have 4k updates on launch

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I think I saw Skyrim SE on there.