Killer Instinct Trials!

So! Wanted to know if any of you do the fight trials. I’ve been doing them a lot, to see how much I can complete them. I’ve been doing tons of Saberwulf ones, and now, I’m going through new character hype, (because I never tried Saberwulf) and want to learn the Wulf. LOL. Is there any benefit of doing them, other than gaining XP? Do you guys think if you are already Level 50, there should be another incentive to do trials?

These trials seemed kind of lazy from what I remember. They need real trials or dojo modes for the characters. I mean the story is cool and all, but it was very basic. I regretted taht they didn’t do something like dojo modes for all characters instead of a story mode.

When I got this game, I went straight into trials until I realized that they are not the trials I know from SF4, DoA5, Persona, etc. I would call the KI trials in-game achievements. I thought combo trials had become a standard like a practice mode, I guess I was wrong. Hopefully in season three…