Killer Instinct themed Xbox One "SCORPIO"

It would be cool, if someday we could have a Killer Instinct themed Xbox One S or Scorpio. Chime Sound on startup could be “Ultra” or “Combo Breaker”… What about a black glossy finish with a picture of Fulgore on it? Elite Pro controller with KI Parts included. I think KI just as Forza, Gears of War & Halo is a part of Microsoft’s recognition brands. They already produced a Gears, Forza & Halo themed consoles… Why not a KI brand console for the launch of Scorpio? Please! @TempusChaoti, @TotalJimkata @rukizzel @DarthStrings do you support this idea? And you the Killer Instinct fans would you like an Xbox One SCORPIO Killer Instinct themed console? Discuss.


As a fan, of course I do! :wink:

Oh hell yeah!

Preorder one for me please. KI in 4k 60 fps. With a nice skin. YES

Ultratech theme or purple/green for me.

Oh hell yeah I’ll take mine with a riptor theme or gold or terror skin.

I dunno…honestly I’m still salty over the Halo 4 Fotus armor fiasco…

If they were to do anything KI themed I’d honestly rather see a console skin…something anyone could get for their console…without having to buy brand new hardware just because.

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You mean like an after market skin kit? Yeah I would be cool with that. It was hard enough to get me to upgrade from the 360 to xb1. I don’t part easily with my stuff, and I certainly won’t do that just for a skin. It’s the same reason I didn’t go for the KI DE, because I already had the ultra combo pack, so all that the DE would give was just some gargos skins. And I’m not paying $40 for a gold gargos skin, when I could spend that money to get two boxes of diapers for my son.

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