Killer instinct supreme bundle Nil

i want to buy the supreme bundle but its bugged. the name of it is now Nil and the price was 59.99 (cnd) and is now $!Error

on a side note for when it gets fixed. if i do buy the supreme edition will it also include future releases or just what is currently out. and if anyone has info on when it might be fix (or how to fix it if its an issue on my side) that would be great.

It’s because they recently came out with the Definitive Edition, which includes seasons 1,2,and 3.
Just look for that and you’ll get season 3, with a few extra goodies as well, and as far as I can tell it’s the same price as S3 was itself individually.

I bought the definitive edition it bugged out and I spent 10 hours talking to xbox / windows support. they ended up giving me a refund because they could not figure out why it did not work (everything was still locked after i redeemed it) so I would rather get the supreme edition in the in game store rather then need to go through all that stupidity again. Side note when I said 10 hours I mean 10 hours not exaggerating.

Just tried to buy the season 1 & 2 bundle in game. When I click on it it doesn’t do anything, just makes a noise. Nothing pops up. Are bundles just bugged right now? I feel like the game doesn’t want me to buy stuff in it or play it for that matter.

yeah, there is a serious lack of communication going on regarding the PC version. from what I gathered so far all the bundles in the ingame store have been deactivated in preparation for the Definitive Edition. the DE will be released tomorrow for PC according to the windows store. so by then you should be able to buy it there or ingame.