Killer Instinct Story/Lore Thread

As far as I know, I don’t think there is an official lore or story thread on the forums, and I think it would be fun to talk/theorize things about the Killer Instinct universe (reboot obviously) in one specific place.

While story is never that huge in fighting games, seems Iron Galaxy is trying to apply lore related things into the UI and gameplay related stuff (like the new shadow move effects). So it will have definitely more of a place in season 3.

Obviously most of the new stuff will be related to Gargos, since he’ll probably appear this season in some shape or form, his darkness looming over the earth.

Let’s start discussing!


Well let’s collect on the backstories that we’ve got and how the game’s storyline started to the Gargos saga.

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Who was the man that attacked Jago in his temple? Why he wanted to kill Jago? And if Omen was possessing that man, why Jago was able to kill him so easily? Omen originally was weak?

Myself and @PRIMEMAN3457 are trying to collaborate on improving the timeline he created towards the beginning of Season 2…

So far I’ve been taking a ton of notes on the KI lore, taking into account the rivals mode and the character back stories…

Sorry for the confusion, here it is…

Killer Instinct Timeline Notes

Anyone who is willing, read through the notes and give feedback. I think I hit all the big stuff, but there is always more to mine and put into perspective.

One thing I’ve been chewing on is Orchid’s dad, and how he was a part of ‘Seal TEAM 6’. That was a real world military team that existed in the '80’s, and I’m trying to use that knowledge to nail down a clear timeline for Orchid’s life in terms of years and such.

All in all there is a ton to dig into, which suits me just fine as I love this stuff.


I can’t get into your google drive file.

That wasn’t Omen, but it was probably another demon sent by Gargos.

My theory would be that Gargos had been eyeing Jago for some time, and thus orchestrated his self-exile in order to gain access to him. These backstories really ad an element of manipulation into all the characters histories.

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Try it now…

Then maybe Gargos send one of his demons to test Jago’s strenght. After seeing how powerful Jago was, Gargos decide to send his most powerful demon (Omen) to possess him, right? :slightly_smiling:

And yeah! Jago’ story is more better than Ryu’s story of “Oh, I will travel all over the world to fight strong people tha lead me further to the path of my destiny”

Jago was manipulated by Gargos using his faith in the Tiger Spirit, and that is a cool thing for his story! “I thought I was worshiping a god, but instead, I was worshiping a Demon…?”

That manipulation is what made Jago’s Story so unique!

Ryu in SF3 (The last in the cronologic story) is still "travelling the world fighting powerful fighter to become stronger"
And his trouble with the Satsui no Hado is being used for the third time so far…
1 - SFAlpha
2 - SFIV
3 - SFV

Like, imagine if Jago was been manipulated by Gargos in the same way in 3 games?

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I thought Human Spinal was a Co Conspirator with Kan Ra along with a few other guys who as punishment received curses for their betrayal. How could he be born after Kan Ra is banished.

Also, can you guys post links to your sources, I never read that Gargos and Eyedol story.

Edit: Nevermind I don’t like times lines. Just makes me realize how old some of the characters are. A lot of those characters are close to 50 years old. Didn’t want to know that.

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I can definitely say that I’ve come to appreciate Ryu’s story more over the last 6 months or so. I had a fun debate with a guy about Ryu vs. Liu Kang some time ago, and I learned a lot about the character.

Anyway, I agree that Jago is a “cooler” character than Ryu, but at the end of the day that is just a subjective opinion. Ryu is strong, determined, and pretty interesting in his own right.

The best thing about KI right now is the fact that the characters are actually progressing and evolving in this new timeline. Jago over these last 2 seasons, and into S3, has had some good development, maybe more so than Ryu has had over the course of his 20 year SF life span.

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Are you looking at the timeline? That timeline was created before the backstories were released, which is why it needs to be updated. Check out my notes…

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Yeah, I understand you :slightly_smiling:

I like Ryu too! He is a “nice guy” when he is fighting other people!

  • “Close but no cigar, friend. Surely you realize what your technique lacks!” - To Dan
  • “You haven’t lost it, Sagat! Let’s fight again another day!” - To Sagat
  • “You fought well. I was honored.”
  • “I see a strong will to fight in your eyes! Don’t give up yet!”

The only problem that I think is that his story is always:
“I will traver the world fighting stronge fighters to become much stronger"
"This powers inside me… It want me to destroy everything… I won’t allow that!”

Of course, Ryu is a character much “older” than Jago


-Killer-Instinct-2 (Don’t count anymore in the story line)
Killer Instinct (Reboot)

So, maybe if Jago was that “old”, his story could always be “I will meditate and fight strong warrior to never give my self to evil again!”

??? :hushed:

Err… What’s the problem of knowing that Thunder and Sabrewulf are 50 years old?
What’s the problem of knowing that some characters are old? :neutral_face:

KI Season 1 Intro tell the age of the characters:

Lol! This is precisely why I prefer KI and MK over SF. Again, I love SF, have been playing it for years, but SF characters fight for fun…and self improvement. KI and MK characters fight for life and death. They kill. They demolish their foes.

Scorpion isn’t a nice guy. Liu Kang is a nice guy, but if you fight him…you’ll probably die. And like wise, KI characters will kill you too. Riptor will literally eat you. Cinder will immolate you (have you read his backstory? Savage.). Jago will kill you to…but be sad about it.

I like edge to my characters. SF character hold back to much for my liking…that being said, Akuma is cool, as well as a few others.

That is one of the thing I like about western fighting games over eastern ones. usually in western games the characters are older, like 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and above, while in eastern games they are teens.

thunder and Sabre being 50 or so is kind of strange, but then again, especially in Thunder’s case, I think it really shows a high level of badassery.

Jago being like 29-30 is really cool to me, though I do want to know more about his earlier years.

I don’t like the idea of characters aging. It just means that in the sequal game these guys will be close to being elders and replaced by other characters. It’s the MKX problem. They did time jumps and because of it new characters would replace old ones. The kids in that game will probably replace Sonya, Jax, Kenshi, and Jonny Cage. I think TJ combo could have looked cool in a sequal with better technology but with him being 50 they would probably show his age more and get ready to phase him out. Which is why SF games are a littler better in that regard. Characters don’t really age in that game and you don’t have to worry they eventually will be replaced.

At the same time though, the problem with SF is that there is no progression. In the SF universe, overall like maybe 5 to 10 years has gone by, and nothing of note has happened. SF3 takes play YEARS in the future from SF2, and in the past 17 years since that game’s release, in all the games since then they have gone back in time, and STILL haven’t caught up to, let alone explained, what the hell happened in SF3.

IDK. I don’t see the “MKX problem” you do. In MK the characters grow. I like character development. And honestly, it is one of the reasons Tekken 3 was so big. There was a 19 year gap between T2 and T3 in the lore. That game introduced Jin, a replacement for Kazuya, and Jin is a certified badass. That being said, they eventually brought back Kazuya in later sequels.

While it’s true that they do grow and develop, that development has only happened since MK9 where they had a real story mode. Before that the MK stories weren’t very memorable. If SF were to put in the effort of MK9 and recycle all of their stories into one big one they could easily have a ton of character development and still keep the cast young.

So, who do you think is going to turn to the side of good/evil in Season 3’s story?

Omen might be reconsidering being with Gargos, Sadira got offered to join up with him, Aganos essentially owes his life to shadow energy…they’ve been dropping these minor hints that point to a big theme in Season 3’s story being “loyalty”, it seems.

I want to believe that Omen will be the “inside” man for the heroes, unintentionally or otherwise. Assuming that an actual, literal war is happening in the KI Universe, it would make sense to have a spy of sorts; Omen would be perfect for that. And yes, Orchid’s the obvious answer, but she can’t exactly blend in too wel amongst shadows, I’m gonna guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! I first want to thank you for creating that timeline! It was because of your timeline that I was able to fully understand the story of KI Season 2 and its connections on the KI Tournament and Season 1!
Thank you and congratulations! :slightly_smiling:

Now my feedback:

1 -

  • Aganos was not captured by the Night Guard! Aganos was fighting with Kan-Ra, then the Night Guard appear, defeated Kan-Ra and burn his ashs. Aganos, seeing that Kan-Ra was finally “defeated”, realized that his mission was completed and decide to stay there trying to make his soul leave his body to enter the Astral Plane and finally have peace and happines (Something like that), but he was unable to do this, and after that, he was “sleeping” this whole time…
    "Their age-old battle was interrupted by the Night Guard who defeated the sorcerer, burning him alive and locking his ashes in a vault. Aganos sat in silence for hundreds of years in the jungle, as still as a statue, trying to make his soul leave his corporeal form, thinking about the King of Babylon and his teachings. Moss and vines grew on him. Flowers sprung up like a crown upon his head. But he could not enter the Astral World."

2 -

  • It will be cool if you put what happens with Hisako in your timeline!
    Hisako die with 18 years old, so that means that in your timeline, she was born in 1475


  • Chiharu’s Father’s shõgun was been assassinated by his rival

  • Chiharu’s father returned to the village of his birth to start a family and become a farmer


  • Chiharu is born


  • Chiharu’s father felt that it was his duty to train his eldest daughter in the arts of war and train Chiharu with diferent weapons including sword, bow, naginata and the Ninja’s weapon called the neko-te—the cat’s claw.


  • A young aristocrat passed by the village on horseback. The wealthy young man instantly wanted her Chiharu to marry him, but Chiharu laughed in his face saying that she wanted to be a samurai, not somebody’s housekeepershe. The wealthy young man—the son of a vicious renegade shōgun—became angry and drew his sword, and so Chiharu knocked him off his horse with her bucket, and beat him soundly. The humiliated man jumped on his mount and rode away from the village in shame

  • While practicing in a bamboo forest near her village, Chiharu became aware that the air was thick with smoke. She sprinted out of the forest and across the fields toward the village. It was on fire and there were armed horsemen everywhere. As she got closer she saw that the invaders had slain many of the villagers. Chiharu ran toward her house, turned a corner and came face to face with a sight that made her knees buckle: her mother, grandmother and two younger siblings lay dead, piled on top of each other like butchered animals, their clothes slashed and their blood staining the stones of the street. And there was her father’s corpse nearby. His head had been cut off, and the red strip of battle banner that he had always worn around his neck lay at her feet. She picked it up with a trembling hand.

  • Chiharu’s heart broke in that instant…and then it turned to a burning coal inside her breast. She grabbed her father’s naginata, pulling it from his dead hands, then charged the horsemen, screaming at them, calling them cowards, and ripping them apart like a force of nature. Positioning herself between the warriors and some buildings where many of the village children were being held, she fought with inhuman endurance, slaying a dozen of the attackers before succumbing to her own wounds and collapsing on the ground.
    The last thing that she saw was the man whom she had spurned by the river. With her dying effort she swiped her cat’s claw across his cheek…and then she died with his screams of anguish echoing in her ears.

  • But Chiharu had not passed in vain. Her act of bravery against overwhelming odds rallied the surviving villagers to fight back, and they drove the soldiers out of the village, shooting many of them dead with arrows as they fled.

3 -

  • "A notorious criminal alien from decades earlier had fled into deep space, pursued by the marshals until a final battle took place near the planet. The criminal’s ship was heavily damaged in the battle, lost control, and burned up in the atmosphere. The ship is confiscated by the US government."
    could replace the
    "Roswell UFO incident. Presumably an alien criminal crash lands on Earth and his ship is confiscated by the US government."?

4 -

  • I think that Sadira steal Glacius’s Technology in the time that Glacius was “forming” his new shel, because it looks like that when he was forming his new shel, he was somehow “sleeping” and not aware of what has happening:
    "His transition to a new shell takes some time, however, and during this metamorphosis he discovers that components of his ship have been removed, including the highly confidential dimensional fold power core, which allows his ship to move great distances through space. As a security measure, it should have detonated on removal from his ship, but it did not self-destruct."
    It just a little detail that I saw :slightly_smiling:

5 -

  • You forget a lot of info about TJ Combo’s backstory! :slightly_smiling:
    About his age:

  • When he was 12 years old, he started cheating after he loses a fight

  • With 18 year old (After dropping out of high school), he try to join the military, but was kicked out

  • He bought a one-way bus ticket to Chicago, found a job at a boxing gym on the South Side doing menial tasks to pay for his own training

  • "Over the next five years TJ grew tall and his body filled out. All during that time he studied the sweet science of boxing with the zeal of a scholar, analyzing the fighting techniques of his boxing idols like Ali and Tyson. And he worked his body until he was a rippling specimen of muscles and raw power. In his early twenties he started winning fights."
    (So: 18 + 5 = 23)

  • "It took five more years of grinding it out on the boxing circuit, but eventually he got his shot and won the Heavyweight Championship."
    (So: 23 + 5 = 28)

  • "TJ got sloppy in his training and abused his body, partying like a rock star. He barely won the next two fights in defense of his title, and when he finally lost the belt three years after his first championship victory, he fell into a deep depression."
    (So: 28 + 3 = 31)

  • “Within six months he’d won back the title, pushing in his opponent’s face and putting the man in the hospital.”
    (So… 31 Years + 6 months = 31 years and 6 months or maybe 32 years?

  • And if Season take place in 2016, TJ Combo was born in 1985 (2016 - 31 = 1985)

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