Killer Instinct Steam (Not Responding)

Afternoon All

I bought this game on Steam just a couple of hours ago, Game launches and goes white screen with a “Not responding” notice on the window.
Checked all drivers and my hardware is well above the recommended.
I googled quick fixes and none of them have worked.
I’m honestly on the verge of a refund at the moment unless i can get it working.

Haven’t heard of that error before :confused:

@developers - anyone able to help him out?

Afternoon Storm

I found a fix I copied some files available from a user on this sites that uploaded files from drop box that weren’t in my start up folder and it seems to be working for the time being at least

Cool beans. Hope you enjoy the game! :slight_smile:

Already have lol bought character by character since launch and haven’t looked back! Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

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has there been a fix for the not responding Issue? asking for a friend

Good to hear the files worked for you, i however was too sketched out to download third party file as a solution.

@developers @snickerdoodle , can these third party files be verified by microsoft as safe to download?

I am also curious what is being done ‘officially’ about the steam version not working for many people on windows 10? I am all for allowing a third party to fix a developers issues but microsoft is going to have to back this solution and incorporate it into a patch for the steam version of killer instinct…

I bought this game on Microsoft store and steam, please fix this if possible :slight_smile: