Killer Instinct Season 3: Official Voice of Tusk Reveal - Where's the "Dah"?

her is the official video


Cool. Where did they film this? There’s two different Hori sticks and an X-arcade panel in the background. That’s a real setup…

There’s enough Dah with that one move. Please, Tusk is good as he is!

very cool vid, thanks for sharing

So he is a youtube fighter movie maker or voiceactor?

ive seen youtube fan vids like nightwing and mortal kombat

He’s a bona fide voice actor. Look him up on Internet Movie Database (IMDB). He’s done a ton of games and cartoons. He is also an actor who has been in plenty of movies and tv shows and apparently has done some stunt work (as he mentions in the vid he is currently doing for SuperGirl).

so far i love the new voice and desing for tusk … way better than before.

Good stuff @chrisjaialex , look forward to hearing more from you in the future. :smile: