Killer Instinct Season 3 mega combo/tech video

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Hope you enjoy this combo video ! The characters included in this video are rash, raam, eyedol , gargos , riptor , aganos and tusk .

Wtf was that Gargos cross up. I’m stealing that.

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its super cheesy

This Gargos…

You have doomed the world :smiley:

I loved the ending to this video. Was one thing that made me laugh today :smiley:

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As if gargos was not broken already , god help us all

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There is so much trolling in this video! LOL!

…also, Aganos would never stoop so low as to taunt mid-combo during his opponent’s stagger. He don’t roll like that!

And yet despite this he is one of the easiest characters to do a mid taunt combo with XD