Killer Instinct Season 2 Story Art

Does anyone know where the story art in season 2 can be found besides google images? I am trying to look for a reliable source with all if not most artwork transitions in the story for Season 2. This includes the art at full resolution and not a screenshot.

You mean the pictures that show in between matches of Season 2: Rivals mode? I’m not sure where you could find those, maybe @rukizzel could help you but I am not entirely certain.

Are there any in particular you need?
I have many of the cutscenes available in my YouTube story mode videos, which are 1920x1080, that I could rip from. While that may not be full resolution, it is still pretty acceptable for most uses.

Or you can browse the achievements screens here (once logged in):

From there, you can grab the full res versions by editing the file path.


The one with Omen possessing Jago, not sure what character that is from. Still, I will try the other method too for other photos.

Yep, those. I hoped they would have been archived somewhere on the website but no luck.