Killer Instinct Season 1 Ultra Edition - January's Game with Gold

What a way to ring in the new year! If you haven’t already heard, though we’re pretty sure you have, you can grab Killer Instinct Season 1 Ultra Edition, as part of this month’s Games with Gold program, FREE!

Check out the full article here:

(Side note: hiya, everyone! Long time no see. Glad to be back, and can’t wait to see all the new faces.)


Wait… What? NO WAY!!!

…just kidding! I already knew about it…

[ leans over to best friend and whispers ]

“Why didn’t you tell me about this!?”

Hello! Nice to see you again! Thanks for the info! Gonna tell some friends.

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@rukizzel so i have the live gold 12months but in my european store thats always at 39.99 $ to pay is it normal???

actualy i have the full edition for saison 2 retro include. but just de combo breaker for S1 .

gonna do it too
:grin: hope much of my friends add to this amazing game

I welcome the wave of new challengers…and fresh meat. :smiling_imp:

Now mark down season 2 ultra :slight_smile:

@rukizzel its fine now .ive found the problem . it wasn’t connected with my account but my brother . lol thanx anyway :sweat_smile:

I think my Xbox is a little “special”. Its still showing Van Helsing and Thief as the free games. We’re 5 days into January now, you’d think it would change by the 3rd day at the latest.

Absolutely agree! I originally bought season 1 and 2 basic as I didn’t know if I would dig the game or not. Turns out I love it and play the crap out of it, but I don’t have nay of the special costumes - and they don’t sell costume packs! Season 1 ultra on gold was awesome for me to get the bonus costumes and now I just need the same for season 2! :smile:

This makes me happy because it means people who didn’t have the money to pay for the UltraEdition of season1 now finally get to enjoy it!

Off topic question but my KI keeps crashing while its at the “checking downloadable content” screen. Tried reinstalling game and DLC, checked my network, restarted console and none has worked. Any suggestions?

Seems to bensure bringing in new blood. Fought a lot online tonight. Good to see more pick ki up.
Here’s to a bigger community and more seasons

@rukizzel, If I own the Combo breaker CD of KI, If I download it now for Free, can I use it from my hard drive without the CD now?

Yes, that will be the case! You’ll be able to use that so long as you’re a gold subscriber!

Downloaded. Now I’m waiting for March to finally play it.

Combo Assist mode makes it much easier to play. No visual difference mid-combo between pressing a button to continue the combo vs. using the correct movement on the D-Pad or thumbstick. Try it again and see what you think. I’m quite average at the game and have lost way more times than I’ve won, but I still enjoy it. No need to wait all the way till March to test it out again. DO IT! :laughing:

All these new people!!!

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This is last year’s thread for Season 1 in Games with Gold.

all the websites i have looked at say its season 2 ultra edition for january