Killer Instinct Screenshot Wallpapers for phone/PC/XBox

Just a nice thread of screenshots for the lovers of in-game visuals. I save a lot of moments, thought it’d be cool . Feel free to post your own, someone may like to use for their phone/ computer/ iPad / Xbox one backgrounds


Gold Glacius stage ultra pose

Orchid win pose

Shadow Skin Shin Hisako Astral Plane win pose

I kinda love this Kim Wu blurry win animation freeze shot

Maya Gold Skin Astral Plane Ultimate pose

Shin Hisako win pose

Gold Kim Wu stage ultra pose

Gold custom Mira vs
Gold custom Sadira

Kim Wu stage ultra win pose

I love this Cinder vs Kim Wu Combo breaker screenshot

Rage Quit screenshot!!!

Kim Wu win pose on Village of Whispers!

Gold custom Orchid win pose

Gold custom Orchid stage ultra win pose

Brilliant Kim Wu win pose


Oh, I like that golden Glacius one a lot! The color of the skin matches nicely with the earthy tones and warm light from the candles.

I take a lot of screenshots too–mostly for artistic reference, but also because I love the art and design of the game. Here are a few others of golden Glacius that I think work particularly well:

I have a ton more (both of this skin and others), but I don’t want to spam someone else’s thread too much. <:]


I use the achievement art for my work PC screensaver, a lot of those are simply brilliant.

I love your gold Glacius captures!

Post all you want! That’s why I created this thread!
I want people to be able to access images they wouldnt see otherwise!

I’ve got a few, sure. Not allot them from in game, of course.

Sadira Ultimate Eyes

Local Wolfman goes AWOO


If only the orbs in the 3rd picture were gold too, this set of pictures could make a great meme with this line from Goldmember.

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Custom Kim Wu stage ultra pose ( always wondered why they had her do this move on her own stage in her trailer, was the truck meant to be a stage ultra??? Was it considered so awesome, they just programmed it to be a regular ultra destruction, and the close-up of Kim extending the nunchucks on Chinatown Brawl is a leftover?This is why we need a new ultra fan book!)

Love her level 50 dragon motorcycle rally jacket

Dazzling Downtown Demolition win animation screenshot

Awesome idea, never thought of doing this, beyond my XBOX UI background

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Orchid xps extraction posed cgi default alternate costume model

Close up custom Kim Wu win animation screenshot

sadiras victory pose

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sabrewulf on astral plane victory roar


any shadow glacius skins?
(specifically shadow glacius with the alien tech accessories)

I can’t recall if I had
Any of those- I haven’t played KI since Injustice2 was released but if anyone else reads this, see if you can grab a glacius shadow screenshot


I took some screenshots and posted them here: [LINK]

No alien tech accessories in there, though. Let me know if you still want me to grab them!