Killer Instinct Riptor combos/tec + online madness compilation

Its time to get gud scrublords


LOL! the part with @TheKeits at the end is hilarious!

Great video!

This is awesome…


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Really liked the video!


Oh god megalovania XD

those were some SICK Riptor combos dude, awesome. Post these in the arts and videos to while your at it.

0_0 Hard core man.

This was fun to watch! I love those Ultras! That Jago one!!

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This is one of the greatest KI videos I’ve seen! LOL

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But Fulgore. I don’t care. My level 50 Fulgore was uneffected. All others are inferior lol.

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Best KI video ive seen so far!

You must have put a TON of time into some of those ultra endings.

EDIT: After seeing this, and your vid about Omen, you have earned a new sub!

Good one! Liked the flicking of Combo.

great Rip Tek… nice job!

IG needs to nerf this guy XD

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Glad you guys enjoyed the video ! I have some more KI related videos here including :

A Rash combo video ( might give you some ideas for season 3)

An old hisako bug back in early season 2

And a really stupid omen video I did when he was released


We need more of this

you’re a genius

these are reat. Also Sadira got dem hips lol and as for omen, liked it till the air-horn part came in, than liked it again when spinal started singing.