Killer Instinct Reaches A Milestone of 6 Million Unique users in March, highest recorded

For it to reach 6 million users in such a short amount of time from season 3s release is an impressive feat.

“Even so, Microsoft is also hailing the success of The Division as one reason why global hours spent on the Xbox One are up 89 percent over last year. In addition, Microsoft is calling out Killer Instinct: Season 3 for its high engagement numbers; more than 6 million unique players make this March the best month ever for that franchise.”

“This is the highest recorded so far, as the last numbers we got for KI’s unique players range around 1 Million and that was back before S2 released.”

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a season 4.



Congrats to Microsoft and the Killer Instinct team, they work hard for us

So good! Congrats to the team!

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Is that just for xbone or is pc included?

Both Xbox and PC

I feel sorry for SFV…
Dayum capcoms!:smiling_imp:

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Congratulations to ms and IG for the milestone and thank you for making such a great game.

Though out of curiosity I wonder how many of the users have bought something.

Wow is this for real? So sitting waiting for matches that dont happen must be a bug and KI isnt dead?
Cant wait for the fixes and i hope this leads to a 2nd installment with it coming to windows at same time as xbox
Microsoft should throw in more funds to make it look better

They still have a bunch of players (I would guess more cause of franchise recognition)…mostly hardcore but its competitive scene is the biggest for fighting games yet

Congrats and looking forward to the next 6 Million!


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Not bad for a very niche part of the fighting genre. Gaining some real forward momentum now! Let’s do this!

It’s not a fact. Stop being so negative and non-constructive all of the time.

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It’s called a joke, relax, why is everyone so uptight and angry on this board?

I’m not - it’s just that in the past few threads I’ve read over the course of 10 minutes all of your posts are negative in some way and offer nothing truly new to the conversation.

Jokes are fine, but let’s try being a bit more positive and actually add to the conversation, okay?

I’m going to stop now, as I’m getting a bit off-topic myself. Just keep what I’ve suggested in mind and, If you’d like, we can continue this in PMs. :wink: