Killer Instinct PC: Thoughts on the port

Having recently received a graphics card (namely a GTX 1050), I have now been able to test out Killer Instinct on PC. I’m very impressed with the results, other than the fact that SL continuously crashes whenever you try and launch it.

However, I want to use this post to simply congratulate IG on making what might be one of the most well-executed ports of a fighting game to come to PC.

As much as I’m not excited by the prospect of Shadow Lords updates (due to accessibility issues with the mode that have been previously discussed almost completely excluding me from access to the content in question), I’m pleased to say that I can play KI on either my Xbox One or PC now and they both run as smoothly as each other. Believe me, you really notice the load time difference on PC when you’re doing survival runs to try and get chosen one achievements.


God it feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve seen a positive feedback thread. I feel like there’s nothing being said here unless something is going wrong. This post made my night.
But don’t sweat the SL crashes. That’s not a PC issue. It’s happening to most of us, from what I gather.


…And yet I still can’t go past stage 2 in Shadow Lords, or I can’t use keyboard in lobbies without completely disabling my stick until I quit them.
Not to mention all the weird counter-intuitive stuff I needed to do in order to make it work (like enabling Windows firewall, wtf?).

All in all it’s a decent port, I just wish we would get as many discounts as the XB1 users for its content - yeah, I’m still salty I missed the DE for 20 bucks.

Not being able to have different visual configuration settings on different PCs is incredibly frustrating. Having to run the performance test and/or readjust volume levels every time you play on a different machine get old fast.

Also controller support still not being un-broken is frustrating as well.

Happy to have it, and it’s overall very well optimized and greatly appreciated, but hope those can be addressed.

I re-tested the console version of SL and I think you’re right. Hopefully the next patch fixes this.

Glad I could bring some positive vibes to the PC version.

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My thoughts? Needs to allow modding.

Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I now have Ki running on a Dell Inspiron gaming laptop with similar specs to the PC I originally played the port on and when you have it plugged in (I.E. when the graphics card is able to take power from the mains), everything runs smoothly. I’m very impressed that everything works so well even on a laptop setup, even though I have tot re-run the performance test. Having a few sound issues but I don’t think that’s anything to do with the game.

I’ve been using the PC version near exclusively since it came out, and I’ve been pretty satisfied. It’s had a few hiccups here and there, but mostly my experience has been positive. I particularly like the lack of load times…that has been the best difference I’ve had.

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I feel I have more issues with Win10 itself than with this game. Namely, it pisses me off how unresponsive store updates are. Since I tend to go on long hiatus every now and then, there are tons of updates to be done every time I come back. It takes hours and it isn’t helped by glitching progress bars. I can’t even tell if it even downloads anything at all.

The game itself, thankfully, saved me a lot of trouble by not throwing what people tend to complain about at me.