Killer instinct PC screen tearing

How to solve the problem of screen tearing?

There are several threads on this. Please use the search function int eh top right corner (magnifying glass)

The main thread I recall is Season 3 PC issues thread

Reviewed all the posts but no solution found((. Someone tell me the patch will be to resolve the issue of screen tearing in full screen mode?

I found a solution to TV screen 19201080 60 hz. You need to go to the nvidia control panel tab Change the resolution" on setting and set the resolution to 20481152 60 hz, Also set the desktop resolution to 20481152 60 hz and later in the game to set the screen resolution to 20481152. For me, the screen tearing is gone. You can also put your native screen resolution (19201080 60 hz) on the desktop, but the game will use 20481152 60. It seems at the native resolution of the screen appear screen tearing, it looks like a bug. Maybe someone will help.

One thing that is somewhat of an easy fix is you can put the game into windowed mode & the screen tearing goes away…however with the last update there is now a bug where the game won’t save the full/windowed screen setting and it always loads up in full screen, so you have to switch it manually every time.

I don’t know if this is exactly results that can be duplicated, but I recently switched over to a 3 monitor setup (previously 2) and somewhere between hooking it up, connecting my PC to my TV briefly, & fiddling with other resolution adjustments the screen tearing went away. I honestly don’t know exactly what I did, but it’s gone.

Update…don’t know what I did but the screen tearing came back shortly after my last post here, and as of right now it’s still persisting. Windowed mode makes it go away, and I’ve noticed that yhe tearing is only happening on the highest resolution…if I drop to the next highest resolution it goes away. So if anyone else is still having this issue, there’s another work-around, but hopefully the @developers could look into it still?