Killer Instinct PC online issue

Hello all. I’ve had Killer Instinct installed on my PC for about 2 months now but, over the past few days, I haven’t been able to connect to other players online. The menu remains on the “Searching for Opponents” screen until I cancel the attempt. I assume that the lack of threads about this issue means that I’m the only one experiencing the problem. Any advice on potentially fixing this? Thank you.

Do you have a Teredo adress? To know this you can go to the xbox app— configuration— internet. You ll find in internet some guide to obtein this if you dont have it.
You can also try closing the “svchost” process from windows 10.(i was having problem to find online matches in MKXL and after i close it i started to found more and more matches online in that game). This process can consume a lot of your internet.
And my last advice is tell you to try different schedules, in some moments in KI i cant find any fight but then i try 2 hours later and i can find lots of fights against differents persons.

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This is a weird comment, but are you sure your game is up to date (go to Windows 10 store, click your icon, go “downloads and updates”)?

If you are not fully updated, you will still be allowed to connect to online but you won’t be able to match up with anyone. I had this problem a few days ago until I remembered I hadn’t manually updated KI. The fact that it’s only happening to you “over the last few days” makes me think you are missing the same update I was.

When you boot KI to the main menu, look at the version number in the bottom left, it should say:
If it doesn’t say this, then you don’t have the latest version.

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That’s the first thing I checked. According to the menu, I’m all up to date :(. Appreciate the help though.

I’ll try this out later today and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!

is your xbox app up to date? Do you know if you have the win10 anniversary update? most likely you do as i dont think you can even start the game now without it but its worth checking out either way. The Teredo address was the big one for me when having problems getting matches.

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It was the Teredo address. For some reason my Teredo was uninstalled so I just reinstalled it…lol. Appreciate the help!

Thread concerns solved.

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good to hear you got it working! happy fighting on! heh.

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sorry i speak spanish------
Who or what is toredo.?
i have the same problem!

Teredo is an IPv6 technology that provides host-to-host tunneling for unicast IPv6 traffic, when IPv6/IPv4 hosts are located behind one or multiple IPv4 network address translators (NATs). It needs to be obtained in order to run online matchmaking in KI. Just google “Teredo address not obtained” and you should find a solution to get it. good luck!

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