Killer Instinct PC File Extractor [Release]

I’ve created a file extractor for Killer Instinct (PC Version). You simply place this tool anywhere along with the .pak file to extract. Then you open the tool and type in the file name (with .pak), and it will extract it and generate a list of all files into a .txt.

Here’s the download link:

I just finished it so it mught be buggy, tell me if it works for you guys or not, but I certainly hope it does.

Update: Ver2:


That sounds pretty awesome, though I’m not sure this is the right place to be sharing it. Modding the game is not officially supported so any discussion about how to modify game files is kind of off limits here, so I’d assume that distributing tools to extract the files would be too. Just a heads up, I’m not entirely clear on the protocols.

Well to be fair, All I’m doing is simply copying the game’s files. I’m not tampering with them at all, and I didn’t modify nor mod anything, I only took the data from one file, and organized it into multiple files and folders.

Like I said, I don’t really know the rules since its a fairly new topic. Just letting you know it might not be something that they want discussed here.

We’ll see what they reply with (if they do), thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:


You may not be breaking or entering, but you’re still opening the window… That makes you an accomplice, and guilty by association.

To be fair, most gaming communities usually comment on such actions, and modders halt their processes to respect their requests. So I’ll probably end this if IG or MS ask me to.

Being forbidden to have insight into your own files of you own copy of game is quite ridiculous imo.

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Last person who did this, went missing. Going to be a lot easier for you to go missing too, since you’re so thiny.


I’m moving this to the artwork & videos section, as we don’t have a good place for modding topics right now.

If you’re simply extracting files to peruse or try to mod yourself, that’s not breaking anything. As I said before, it’s when you start offering links to files directly for non-owners that we get into strange waters.


Due to your own admission, they will now likely be keeping a very close eye on you.

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I’d love to be able to check out the models in 3D, hopefully more tools will be developed for this to make it all more user friendly.

Lol you made me laugh. He’s not missing he simply stopped, and we had a chat yesterday (technically).

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Who knows what good or bad might come of this?

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Still amused how conspiratorial-minded some people are. Dude lost interest or hit a wall (though I’d assume the former). It happens, particularly among the artistically inclined. Adam has been very hands-off and at least modestly supportive of KI modding topics.

No one is disappearing anyone or threatening lawsuits…


Then the modder is a big moron. He went from hyping us up to not rsponding PM’s at all.

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Someone already did this using QuickBMS to extract the Pak files and theres already a thread for modding ideas. Refer to this thread.

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I found this a little too late (After I figured it out) and I’ve updated the tool which I’ll update in the OP.

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