Killer Instinct PC Crashing on Character Select

Hello all. Been trying to find an answer to this problem, but so far, I can’t even find it mentioned. So, here I am, looking for some help. I’ve got Killer Instinct on my Windows 10 PC, and it’s been working just fine since PC launch. However, I attempted to play a little here recently, and the game crashed on the character select screen. Tried it again, same thing. Tried to play one last time, and guess what happened? Yup, crashed again.
I’ve checked for Windows updates, GPU updates, and updates for KI itself. Nothing available for any of them (admittedly, I did download and install the latest graphics driver just prior to launching KI). Restarting the PC didn’t help either.
Anyone know what’s going on, or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Did you run a successful performance test and is your connection status secure and/or strong?

Performances test was good to go prior to this incident. I have not attempted to run one since this started, but I shall do so as soon as I am able. As far as Internet/network connection goes, I am A-Okay on that. Cat5 wired connection to my router, with a 50 Mbps download and 10 - 15 upload.

Yeah network shouldn’t be an issue in that case. Performance might be something related. Also is your Xbox app also updated? May not be relevant but anything helps. If neither of those work, then you may want to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance.

Well, just got a chance to launch the game and run the performance test. Unfortunately, the test also crashes the game. Ugh. :`(

wat are u packing on hardware if u dont mind answering

i7 Quad core CPU w/ hyperthreading, 24 Gigabytes of triple channel RAM, two GTX 970 SC’s running in SLI, and Killer Instinct, like most of my games, is running off of two SSD’s running in RAID 0.

So, yeah. I think I’m okay on hardware.

yea good set up, maybe its too good and game cant keep up lols. Sorry cant be much of help, probably should go to the microsoft support, but i feel like its more of a game problem though. maybe PM a community manager to see if they can help you get in contact with IG support. im just throwing ideas at ya, i hope you play the game sooner rather later

Just here to say that i have the EXACT same issue as you, instant crash whenever I get to character select, or really, any time it would initialize actual 3d graphics, not the menus. So performance test, and any other of the several ways to skip straight to rendering. Very hopeful someone can figure this issue out.

Yep, also having the same issue. And just built a new rig that is pretty high-end, so it meets the spec test. Running on a strong wired internet connection as well. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Having the same issue on nvidia driver 368.69, 368.81. I went back to version 368.39 - working fine

Rolled back to previous driver and tried to run KI again. Got a new error message that I’ve never seen before:
"Your system provides Direct3D feature level 9_3, but this app requires Direct3D feature level 11_0 or higher."
Never seen this one before, and KI was running just fine on the previous driver until now. WTF?

I have this error too, needed a clean install of the driver and nvidia utilities

just confirmed. rolling back to version 368.39 fixes the issue. Somebody should let the devs know that the most current drivers entirely break their game.

Well, I was holding out hope that the Eyedol patch might sneak something in there to fix this crash. But alas, no such luck. Game is still crashing except in the menus.
Not 100% sure which Nvidia driver my card was rolled back to when it started encountering the Direct3D feature level errors, but I will try going directly to the drivers and downloads web page, and give driver version 368.39 specifically a go. Here’s hopping it works for me.

having same problem here had to rollback to 368.39 i hope this gets fix soon whats the point of having SLI if theirs always a problem.

Well, just installed driver 368.39. No luck. Got the same Direct3D feature level error message as listed above.

Also tried Microsoft support via chat. Guy I got was either a robot or some non-technically knowledgeable dude from India or something. Kept wasting my time wanting to check stuff with the computer that had nothing to do with the game crashing. As in: “Let’s check to make sure your internet connection is okay.” Really? If my internet connection wasn’t working, then how are we chatting right now?

Hope someone can find a fix for this soon. Until then, no KI for me. :`(

Disable your SLI. That fixed the crash for me. I’m running triple Titan X and once I ran it on single card, thje game boots fine.


I disabled firewall

Thank you, Stringfellow. Disabling my SLI settings fixed the issue. KI is now running as normal again. Hope this bug is fixed soon. I’ve got two cards, and I want to use them.

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