Killer Instinct November 12th 8pm Central Time Tournament ONLINE EVERYONE ALLOWED

This Tourney after 3 months of the lower leveled players training in tournaments I think Dark Dimensions KI Tournaments are now ready for the General Public! There will be prizes! There will be Amazing Competition! There Will Be Glory!
Anyone who wants to join please Contact hyperpyro12345 on the Xbox, and sign up under


2-3 Matches

Can Switch Characters in between Matches

No Extended Ultras

No Poor Sportsmanship/ 2 Strikes

All Characters Allowed

No Forfeiting

No Talking During Matches/ 2 Strikes

No Conspiring

Full host Privileges.

This will be Streamed under


Just as a note, that seems pretty late to run a tournament. For people on the east coast, they’d be looking at an end time somewhere around 2-3am even for just a 16-man pool.

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10 PM central time

That’s 5 AM in my timezone. Too late for me(or too soon XD )

Probably changing the time to 8pm central time