Killer instinct new games future

New character

Dojo master .

bali indonesia warrior with garuda spirit.

ninja cyborg.

Merfolk with shark power.

Wendigo cannibal .

Parasite aliens.

armored Police.

kunoichi with telekinesis.

swarms mutant.

Werepanther .

god of weather rather be based on ? .

Wind djinn .

Ultratech agent male.

Female characters known as roxy rave

Luchador with Aztec power.


Toy maker .

Celebrity fighter based on aronld Schwarzenegger.

Speedster soldiers.

Serial killer.

Gunslinger vampire hunter based on van helsing.

Killer clown.

Sliver back gorilla .

Aliens chameleon.

Heavy metal star based on Alice Cooper.

Baba yaga .

Dictator conquer .

Aside form adding everyone form KI-1 and KI-2 and the characters that were not remixed. I’d throw in a Wendigo, a Naga, a Djinn, and something like a fish mutant or perhaps an insectoid.


Vote weather god for killer Instinct as ki raiden & fujin from mortal kombat. .

How bout no to all of that and just get the core roster in first.

Who got idea of Weather God ?