Killer Instinct needs to guest star in some games

But how can we make it happen? Fulgore for Mortal Kombat 11? Yes!

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No idea…The KI roster is completely nothing like anything in any other game…

But then again that could be its strength… After all thats what Akuma and Geese did for Tekken…

So ■■■■■ it… Lets throw Hisako into Ultimate Ninja Storm and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue: lol… it might actually fix that series.

Or maybe DoA could use some Arganos and Gargos in there… just for kicks.

I remember there was a rumor a long while back about Jago making it into Soul Calibur VI, but the likelihood of it is anyone’s guess.

Atleast they got Geralt… “Medallion’s Humming… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ???”

I’m of the opinion that Microsoft should make a new Banjo-Kazooie themed racer to compete with Mario Kart, and having a couple Rare/Microsoft guests (KI Included) in their would make sense.

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I really want Orchid and Ivy (from SoulCalibur) in DoA6.


I wonder where TN is going to get their Guests this time… or if at all…

Because I don’t expect to See The VF Characters again…

I think they might start with characters from other KT Titles then who knows. I might finally get Xena my Warrior Princess !!! :blush:

That would actually be a good fit for SoulCalibur

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I don’t see console exclusive characters in multiplat games, not with Heavier emphasis Esports we have now. Maybe Maybe Grøh could get a Maya costume.

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Not anymore, at least. SoulCalibur 4 had them (eventually available for both via DLC though) and Mortal Kombat 9 had Kratos as PS3 exclusive, Street Fighter X Tekken had Cole on PS3 as well… Some really odd choices, but I’d like to think that fighting game devs have moved past doing stuff like that.

… I am so gonna make that in CaS.

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I gotta say, I miss console exclusive guests. As long as all the platforms your game is on have something, then I don’t see the problem. Like it or not, a character owned by one of the big 3 can only be on the console that publisher makes. If we want those characters, then they can only be on one version of the game. And I for one, really do want those characters. I really want Orchid in DoA, Spinal and Eileen the Crow in SoulCalibur 6, Fulgore and Sweet Tooth in Mortal Kombat, a Switch version of Tekken 7 with Mewtwo. All that stuff.

Well great minds think alike, @CausingThought6! You may not have known about this, but Rare was seriously considering a project that sounds very much like the Banjo-Kazooie/Rare racer that you’d like to see, and it was called “The Fast & The Furriest.”

It would’ve included (at least!) Sabrewulf & Rash, and it looked like something that I’d have LOVED. SIGH Why couldn’t Rare have made this?.. :persevere: Fingers crossed for the future, I suppose. :crossed_fingers:t2::wink::crossed_fingers:t2:


I really hope so. I mean, once the studios done with Sea of Theives, a Rare themed kart racer would be a great kind of all-stars crossover for the Xbox. You could even have Master Chief and a Halo track. I wouldn’t mind that. In fact. I’m gonna go and work on a fan-design for it right now. See you in a week!

The way I see it, they don’t want to pour resources in a character that ends up getting banned from tournament play because of the simple fact that they are exclusive to one specific system. Also I personally am getting sick of the idea of system exclusives in general, since it basically says “you got the worse version” because one or more versions include less or no extra content.

And not to mention the fanboy wars that tear apart communities of players because one version of a game gets an extra character or themed costumes of some kind (yes, even pointless cosmetics have torn apart fanbases). It gets on my nerves seeing arguments over Horizon content in PS4 MH:W, or the Jukebox and legacy costumes in PS4 Tekken 7, because fanboys want any excuse to hurl obscene insults at people who own other systems. It’s that attitude that has killed games in the past, we don’t need exclusive content turning an already burning fire into a nuclear hell-storm.

Edit: Big 3? Did you forget Valve/Steam does exclusive content too? Super Time Force, Dungeon of the Endless, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and other games have had exclusive content based on Valve franchises (TF2, Portal, L4D, etc.). This attitude was never exclusive to the console companies.

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I know. I just figured it wasn’t mandatory like with the consoles because, well, Valve’s games are also on the major consoles.

I notice more and more with every thread that there are things about fighting games that everyone else cares about that I just don’t. I don’t really care about balance because I don’t have any friends and never play online. I don’t care about tournaments, like at all. For a bit they were fun to watch, but now it’s at the point where I only watch if a dev is gonna reveal something. To me if it’s a choice between having in a guest I really want in a particular Fighter (Sweet Tooth in MK) and not because it isn’t going to be allowed in tournaments. Then i’m going to say “Nuts to the tournaments I want that character”. The game should be a fun and awesome game FIRST. Then you can worry about it being a sport.

But of course, like almost ALL of my gaming opinions, I’m in the minority. Nearly everyone disagrees with me. And gaming is going to forever drift away from what I live about it because of that. Which is why I don’t care about Fanboy wars btw. I mean, I start one almost every time I say anything. Even here.

I mean, how would you feel if you really wanted to see something happen with a game. Or for a certain game to get made. But you know it’s never going to happen because you’re the minority opinion and everyone else wants something else. It’s part of the reason I want, at least partially, to get in on the video game industry. So I can put out the games that I want to see made and do the things with franchises that I want to see happen. You’re ■■■■ sure if I ever make a fighting game, it’s going to have guests. And console exclusive guests. And it’s not going to have any “customization and RPG elements ”. Heck. No game I ever touch will have RPG elements. I don’t want to make my own Batman. I just want to be Batman!

Sorry. I went off on a bit of a rant. It’s just frustrating being both a video game fan and me.

Hisako would be perfect guest for upcoming Samurai Spirits game.

Also a crossover game with SF or MK would imo benefit the franchise.


I’ve been campaigning for Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct for years. I want that game to exist sooooooo bad.

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Agreed. I was surprised that it doesn’t look like we’ll get a KI character in soul calibur. Seeing the likes of Fulgore, Spinal, Hisako or Jago etc in the likes of Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur or Tekken would be perfect, some fit better than others but I’d play whatever game they guest in 100%

Sounds great on paper but it would have to play like KI for me to be interested. I am fond of several mortal kombats characters though so it would still be cool.

I imagine it fighting like this.

You have the same initial button layout for Mortal Kombat. The face buttons each correspond to a limb, the left trigger is block, the right trigger uses meter for enhancing specials, and both does a simple flashy super move. You’d also have Mortal Kombat’s “realistic” violence and gore. You then put that together with KI’s speed. combo and breaker system. I feel like that would be a nice compromise.