Killer Instinct needs a new UI and intro!

look snes game, the feeling is a “ultra combo!” :slight_smile:

edit: the style needs be more “killer instinct”


I agree with you. I like how on Season 3, the KI logo has a intro. But the UI looks like something that was made for M.U.G.E.N in my opinion. The menu’s need a change.

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yes just keep that big KI logo above and option under like this


Yeah I was really really disappointed that the UI is the same , just different colors . I really thought they were doing away with that futuristic look ; it’s really bad and doesn’t look anything like KI should look . We need sharp metal angular fonts , lightning , flames , clouds stuff liked that . The sounds when choosing things on the menu are terrible also . Even the after match thing is the exact same just purple and gold now .first of all , why gold ? Why not green ? But besides that , it just needs to be changed . I really wanted everything from season 2 UI to be scrapped.

@developers, I like how the KI logo appears and explodes. However, what I don’t like about it is the white flash that occurs when it happens. It detracts from how cool the explosion actually is and practically hides it, which IMO, makes it worse. I remember when they showed that during a Twitch stream for the 1st time in a preview build, and there was no white flash - it just exploded in spectacular fashion. I’d like to go back to that…

Also, once you’re in the main menu and you’re watching the reel that showcases the entire cast, I’ve noticed some discrepancies - most notably the order that some of them are in. For example, I would see 1 of the new characters (Kim Wu, I think) in her awesome intro. It would then quickly cut away to another character for like half a second, and then cut back to Kim Wu, which breaks the immersion of the reel thematically speaking. I personally think this was an editing mistake that was missed by the dev team - and if that’s indeed the case (and even if it isn’t) I’d like to see that fixed. Furthermore, I’ve also noticed certain characters get more screen time than others (Orchid comes to mind as 1 example). I think this should change to help promote a better balance throughout the reel.

Im happy with it, the character select screen isnt laggy as hell anymore

I have no personal issues against the vs. or stage select screen as of S3. I think those are done very well.

I agree they need to make it better !! didnt like it.