Killer Instinct Movie

I have bean working on putting together an idea for a killer instinct movie.

The setting would be in the post-apocalyptic future ruled by Ultratech that was used in the original games. It would tell a version of the story of KI1, with elements of the new story.

My idea is that the films protagonist would be TJ Combo. He is the character who is best suited to be the traditional movie “normal relatable guy.”

Tagline: "After being exposed as using illegal enhancements Ultratech, boxer TJ Combo gets tangled up with a group of misfits in his search for revenge against Ultratech.

The Characters

  • TJ Combo: After winning a fight by the skin of his neck, TJ Combo purchases illegal cybernetic implants from Ultratech. Ultratech agrees not to disclose his purchase if he demonstrates the power of their new Fullgore unit by loosing to it in a match. When he gets to excited during the fight and wins, Ultratech exposes him causing him to want revenge.

  • Black Orchid: A mentally unstable ex-government spy, Orchid wants revenge against Ultratech for them killing her father while spying on them. Orchid has a mystical ability to summon a demon known as the “Firecat” which uses her rage in battle to fuel it’s fires, causing her erratic personality.

  • Jago: A Tibetan monk and the estranged brother of Black Orchid, Jago has abandoned by his mother after the death of his and Orchid’s father. He was left in the care of the monks of the Tiger Spirit Temple, where he was trained in their ancient arts. While somewhat motivated by revenge for the death of his father, Jago is primarily concerned with the well-being of his sister.

  • Glacius: A shape-shifting alien from a distant planet with the ability to control ice, Glacius has bean trapped on earth ever sense he was lured here and ambushed by Ultratech, so his technology and DNA could be utilized by the megacorperation. Glacius wants to return home, but to do this he must regain his ship, and capture Ultratech’s leader ARIA, so she can be brought to justice.

  • Chief Thunder: Also known as Hinmatoom, Thunder is a Nez Perce Native American who seeks to learn the whereabouts of his brother Eagle, who disappeared after winning a previous Killer Instinct Tournament. Chief Thunder is a man of few words and has the ability to call forth lightning.

  • Maya: Maya Fallageros is a member of the Night Guard, an ancient race of Amazonian warriors who hunt supernatural beings. Using her twin daggers Temperance and Vengeance, Maya seeks to infiltrate the Killer Instinct tournament to recapture the ancient sorcerer Kan-Ra, and get vengeance for his massacre of her people.

  • Sabrewulf: After being bitten by a wolf, Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf transformed into a Werewolf lycanthrope. He fights for Ultratech under the promise that they will cure him, when in reality, they just want to weaponize his curse.

  • Spinal: A long dead pirate warrior resurrected by Ultratech using the Mask of Ancients and enslaved. Spinal was entered in the tournament as a test, if he is victorious, Ultratech will resurrect more unread warriors.

  • Riptor: Low level Ultratech spy Kara was fused with Velociraptor DNA and given cybernetic augmentation to become the ultimate killer. Kara no longer has any of her humanity and has become a savage beast, but the person inside her still has small control over Riptor’s actions.

  • Cinder: Ben Ferris was an international assassin and spy who was hired to spy on Ultratech, but was found out and offered a position as the test subject for Project: Cinder. Using Glacius’s DNA, he was turned into a super powered man on fire. He has no real loyalty to Ultratech and will work for whoever will ensure he will survive and thrive.

  • Fullgore: While their are many Fullgore units that are fully robotic, the test model is actually a cyborg. Made by brainwashing and upgrading Chief Thunder’s brother Eagle, this Fullgore is constantly being tested and upgraded to create the ultimate hybrid between soldier and war-machine. This is also the same Fullgore that fought TJ Combo years ago.

  • ARIA: A super-intelligent AI and the CEO of Ultratech, ARIA seeks for the world to evolve in order to survive coming threats, so she took over the planet by creating a global depression that allowed Ultratech to seize control, so she could control the world better. Now that the time has come for her to accomplish her task, she as uploaded herself into a very sophisticated transforming battle-robot.

  • Kan-Ra: An ancient mummified sorcerer who works in Ultratech’s magical weaponry division. However, he has bean stealing energy from fallen Killer Instinct fighters to summon an ancient destroyer of worlds.

  • Eyedol: A two headed demon as old as time itself, Eyedol was summoned by Kan-Ra to bring about his professed destruction of earth.

During the course of the film, Orchid’s insanity and TJ’s hot-hotheadedness causes the other team members to be driven away, however Jago re-unites them at the end of the movie along with Cinder when Orchid goes off to fight Eyedol alone. As a team they manage to defeat Eyedol, killing him and sealing his dimension. After the credits however, Jago is shown as Shadow Jago, telling Gargos his path is clear.

Feel free to post your cast ideas for this Killer Instinct movie below, and tell me what you think of my ideas.


Ya know, I’ve been working on a movie or a TV series for KI.

It wasn’t easy.

Plus I don’t see Riptor’s story being true. I’m gonna have to wait for the season 2 characters’ storylines to be expanded this year.

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What no Kim Wu?

Kim Wu would be used in a sequel. I didn’t want the cast to be too crowded.

Riptor’s story is not true. I made it up for this film idea. I thought it would make Riptor fit in with the idea of Ultratech’s fighters being normal people who were altered into monsters by the company. Gives them all a bit of commonality.

I know how it could go…

Jago- Christian Bale
Sabrewulf- CGI
Glacius- Motion capture suit
Thunder- Dave Bautista
Sadira- Helena Bonham Carter
Orchid- Emilia Clarke
Spinal- ???
Fulgore- Motion capture suit
TJ Combo- Denzel Washington/Jamie Foxx
Maya- Kendall Jenner
Kan-Ra- Willem Defoe
Riptor- CGI
Omen- Lee Pace
Aganos- Vin Diesel (Voice)/CGI
Hisako- Elizabeth Olsen
Cinder- Ryan Reynolds
ARIA- Charlize Theron with Motion Capture Suit
Kim Wu- Kiki Sukazane/Jamie Chung
Tusk- DEFINITELY Chris Hemsworth
Mira- Kristen Stewart
Gargos- Josh Brolin with motion capture suit
Eyedol- ???

I’m gonna type down a script, yeah i’m gonna do that.

But i wouldn’t know how Ken Lobb and the other creators could get all these hugely famous actors and actresses lol

A KI movie would be cool. It depends a lot on how it is written and directed, though, along with the approach taken. I think inspiration could be taken from a movie called “Network” (I HIGHLY recommend watching this!).

That’s not quite a tagline. More of a synopsis. I think a good tagline would be something like, for example, “Monsters will have their day.” Something along those lines.

I’d get rid of the backstory and make her more of an antihero. I mean, she’s a spy, and there’s no guarantee that the people she had been working for were/are good people. For all we know, they’re every bit as corrupt as Ultratech, if not worse.

I guess the thing I wrote is more along the lines of a log line then a tag line. Log lines are small one scr ten each descriptions of a film meant to describe what it is quickly. Tag lines are for advertising and commercials.

As for Orchid, that is her cannon backstory according to the current version of the game. I’m not making her an antihero just because of your obsession with dark and gritty aesthetics and themes.

Which is a mistake, as it emasculates the character considerably and is pretty cliched.
It’s pretty bad.

I’m sorry to say this, but dark and gritty is part of KI’s vocabulary, whether you like it or not. Even compared to other fighters, be it SF or Tekken, it always had that aggressive edge, that sense of menace unlike those two. It isn’t so much “my obsession” as it is an integral part of KI’s identity. In terms of Orchid being an antihero, the fact is, she is a spy, and the party that hired her are extremely ambiguous compared to Ultratech. The 2013 game had her go the route of a mercenary (if the piles of money in her stage are anything to go by) and as part of the “Disavowed”, but even then, Orchid had always been a shady character, even if a somewhat heroic one.