Killer Instinct Movie/TV Show Dream Cast

If there was a KI movie, TV show or web series, who would be the best actors & actresses to play the characters?

Vin Diesel would be perfect for voicing Aganos - Iron Giant/Groot FTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

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OH SNAP. THAT SOUNDS AMAZING! Lol #VinDiesel4AganosVoice

Maybe the Tomb raider imprint is still there, but Angelina Jolie as Orchid?

Jago: Sean Penn. If you’ve seen his face model you’ll understand.
ARIA voiced by Sigourney Weaver.

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I’d like to see someone with a Steven Segal sort of build play Jago, and based on the in game voice Crispin Freeman could be a good pick for VO.

I’d suggest someone like Will Smith for TJ, but he’s kinda become the default shoe in when Hollywood needs to fill the “bamf black action hero with motivational story” archetype, so it might be good to find some new blood.

If we wanted to jump on hot topic actors, though, Cris Prat could work for Cinder.

I may be dreaming, but if we could get Lucy Liu to do Sadira or Hisako, that’d be grand.

I wonder who’d be a god voice for Glacius? I know he may not speak English but for the plot purposes he may end up doing so.

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Dream cast for live Action adaptation of the first two KI games right here.
Christian Bale as Jago
Milla Jovovich as Orchid
Morris Chestnut as TJ Combo
Chaske Spencer as Thunder
Michael C Hall(in motion caption suit) as Cinder
The Rock(in motion caption suit) as Glacius
Andy Serkis(in motion caption suit) as Spinal
Charlize Theron as Maya
Jamie Chung as Kim Wu
Chris Heimsworth as Tusk
Keith David as Gargos(voice)
Hugo Weaving as Eyedol (voice)
Fulgore, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Eyedol, and Gargos will be cgi charecters.

Reading these actors & actresses, would you see them play the characters?