Killer Instinct Movie Discussion

Now if people are annoyed that this topic keeps coming up it’s because I want it to be kept alive.

I have a list below of which actors and actresses could play these characters, bearing in mind of how famous these actors are.

Jago- Christian Bale
Sabrewulf- CGI
Glacius- Motion Capture Suit
Thunder- Dave Bautista (I know he’s famous for his body/strength, but i feel like he can play Thunder)
Sadira- Helena Bonham Carter
Orchid- Emilia Clarke
Spinal- Don’t know
Fulgore- Motion Capture Suit
TJ Combo- Denzel Washington
Maya- Kendall Jenner
Kan-Ra- Willem Dafoe
Riptor- CGI
Omen- Lee Pace
Aganos- Vin Diesel as voice, rest as CGI
Hisako- Elizabeth Olsen
Cinder- Ryan Reynolds
ARIA- Charlize Theron
Kim Wu- Jamie Chung
Tusk- Chris Hemsworth
Mira- Kristen Stewart
Gargos- Josh Brolin