Killer Instinct Mini Games

I think some spin-off or mini games featuring items that the fighters use would be kind of fun. For example, we can use ARIA’s drones individually without ARIA. A mini game with ARIA’s drones. Or a combination of them to use in mini games, like using Aganos’ walls, Sadira’s webs, ARIA’s drones,etc. to do some non-fighting mini game.


I want to fight a giant Fulgore (like 3x larger) that moves very slow, has infinite super armour, and cannot be thrown.
Just does his close HK and light/medium eye lasers(with slower start-up). Perhaps his moves come out faster as his reactor gauge fills over time.

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Actually sounds like an interesting idea. DOn’t know what games would be interesting though.

I thought on a mini-game which could be interesting: “Avalanche”. It would work this way: you have to hit the targets while dodging various Aganos’ rolling attacks before the time runs out. Various Aganos would appear from all directions. It would have a leaderboard which could show the number of targets hit and the amount of health your char had by the end of the mini game.

Ultra Force!

Tekken Force!