Killer Instinct: microtransactions

GoodMorning family. :slight_smile:
Yesterday i see a new “epic” (wtf!?!?!) pack on shadow lords

WtF?? Really Iron Galaxy Studios??? you sell this pack on price of 18000ki??? REALLY?? that cost like Killer Instinct definitive edition!!! What are you thinking???
weak UP please!!! dont ruinning the best game with acts like this!!!


What’s the problem? Not like you have to pay real money for it…


It is a bit steep. But so are all the packs really. I hope this pack isn’t for a limited time, because 75k is gonna take a lot of time to accumulate.

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This pack IS limited, and go from the 14 to the 16th. Basically, ID proposes us to win 75000 game money in three days which is quite impossible for normal beings…

Or crack real money to get the 18000 dollars asked for it.

With this pack, Shadow Lords is officially begun a pay to win. Well done guys, i’m done with it.

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or 75000 out of range? both options is UNHUMAN…

That’s out of range? Hardly.

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75000 is no big deal. But the time limit offer makes it ridiculous. Fix it.


Fix it? You mean get playing right?

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To get 75000 golds before tomorrow ? Are uou trolling ?

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Not IG doing the pricing. That’s MS side

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Copy paste from other thread, about complaining about the new pack:

You mean the totally optional pack which is only worth if you dont have any killer Guardian?

The one which is totally optional and only affects a single player mode (and only marginally shadow lords multi, which is not the most important or played)?

Yeah, what are they doing!

Also, IG “makes” the game, but Microsoft is who decides how the game is done, in terms of microtransations, pircing, and that stuff


“Totally optional” doesn’t really excuse that they’re essentially saying “either grind on end for hours and hours or just pay a good chunk of real money or you’re not getting this pack”. That’s some mobile F2P game garbage.


A normal killer pack costs 17.000
So, if you are lucky, you need 4 to get all killer Guardians. That’s 68.000. And that’s considering you are lucky enough to get different Guardians

Now you can have all for 75.000, and it’s not fair?

We can discuss about being only this weekend is not much time, but the pricing is really good.

The problem some people are having is that they want EVERYTHING unlocked in 2 weeks.

This should be time consuming. It’s a mode for a long time. If you are not on with it, fine, but it’s not unfair or abusive

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Thank YOU.

Gotta remember shadow lords is free to play, they gotta make their money some how. If it was a paid mode i would definitely complain though.

I’m suprised. I am not sad at IG. They don’t control the pricing. MS does. I learned something though. Going on to places and complaining doesn’t do anything. Vote with your wallet and don’t buy it :smiley:


To be completely honest no one is forcing you to be buy it, I don’t pay for anything I can’t unlock for free, you’re also not getting anything exclusive here where in other games you would. The one thing I can completely agree with is why would they make it for such a small amount of time it should have been a week long promotion.


It’s worth noting that 18,000 KI Gold was given with early purchases of the S3 Ultimate Edition.

Based on what some forum members have said throughout the time I’ve been here, some people have been hoarding KI Gold for years; it’s a high price but it’s not unreasonable given these facts and that it’s an optional booster.