Killer Instinct Merch Store Now Open

Looking to get your hands on some new KI merch?! Got you covered.

Check out the details here:


Got any ARIA and/or Sadira merchandise?

In my best Jim Mora
Socks ??? Are you kidding me. Socks ???

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@rukizzel @TheKeits @TempusChaoti Damn you guys trying to bleed me dry. We in a messed up economy, I got bills to pay, mouths to feed. Dopest Season yet, Fire as figures and now this freshness?

I might have to take up a second profession the way things are going lol.


Wait, no Orchid unisex bra? What a shame. My wife and I both would have liked two for ourselves.



Flashy socks are actually a trend in men’s fashion.

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I wonder if they will put the older merchandise on the store.

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Where’s the Jago & Kim Wu one?

Or TJ Combo one?

So sad… :sob:

I hope you’ll be willing to make some merch out of some of the artwork on this site. I need more KI merch in my life.

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It would be cool to get the character symbols on t-shirts.


30 dollars for a tshirt? Seems a bit high.

I want a KIWC t-shirt and a hoodie.

Where did you find these please? I need to add these to my cards

I had hard time finding these symbols as well. I think its from the season one art book.

I see. I will look around. Maybe find someone that knows something lol. Theres an art book? I need to buy that!

The Thunder phone case has more Glacius on it then Thunder.

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Awesome! Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Ultra Combo! Fight On! Ultimate Combo! KI 4 Life! Long Live KI! :smile: :sunglasses: