Killer Instinct Launch Trailer!

Mira’s accessories are awesome and Gargos is badass!!
I didn’t expect either of them to be released that soon after the launch, but awesome!

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Gargos looks KILLER!!!

Mira has a Harley Quinn-like outfit :ok_hand:


I hope it’s not final

Man I need a change of clothing after watching that trailer. Definitely worth the wait.


Literally yelled at the sheer awesomeness of Gargos and Mira. Dude

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Sees Gargos=Passes away because HYPE


Also, if anybody doesn’t like it, remember: His Retro surely will be very similar to his former self


And please, tell me that his normal stance it’s with his arms crossed(ala Bison)

I’m goin to my bed. This trailer awoke the hype recent announcements ruined. I’m ready for tomorrow. LET’S GO !!

It is interesting that he is being released earlier…might be a reason…hmm

But I am glad we get him early, I wanna play as the badass demon god

Still can’t contain myself, well worth the wait, and lost the ability to form proper sentences. Got to go make dinner and collect myself.

Totally worth waiting, moaning, crying for.
Awesome trailer that…surprised me positively!!

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Gargos has a very nice artistic redesign… Dark and menacing. They hit the nail right on the head in my opinion. Music was on point also.

I take it the music is supposed to be Gargo’s theme? Awesome.

Sweet trailer. Music felt like a miss, but the accessory swaps were awesome. Gargos looks cool, and I’m suddenly hyped for shadow lords mode :smile:

As many folks has said before me, Gargos was all but confirmed, but THERE HE IS! coming in May!

We’re getting one new fighter now to. I wonder what it will be. Either way looking forward to this season. Tommorow cannot come soon enough!

Damn it!!! I guess I’m preordering S3 ultra edition after all.

Great job on the trailer although I wish they would just announce who the final two characters are.

Mira and Gargos look sick!

LOL, music was silly.

Eyedol confirmed.

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After having just beaten boss shadow jago for the first time half an hour ago on my 60th try (my way to celebrate the end of season 2/beginning of season 3) I came to the forums to find this! Man it may be 1.20am here right now but I’m buzzing with positive energy!!! Didnt think they would give us this much in the trailer!!!

This was amazing. I was not expecting a Gargos reveal at all. He just showed up out of no where and completely surprised me! Super excited!