Killer Instinct: Killer Classic

A Killer Instinct event held at the Microsoft Store in NYC. It appears to be a two day event, with the first day being last Thursday, and the final day is next Thursday (Dec 14).

Final day:


How come I didn’t get to see live?? I’m watching it now and enjoying it! Thanks for the video.

I didn’t watch it live either. I saw a 12hr old retweet by Mani about it, so I went searching for archives :sweat_smile:.

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Today at 6 pm (New York times) will be KI Classic part 2!
I think it will be streamed by Mixer

Just in case anyone else wants to watch it live :slight_smile:


I want to see this live but I can’t find it :disappointed_relieved:

According to the brackets, you’re an hour early:

The final day.


Goddamn, why is everyone so bad at optimizing counter-breaker combos?

Where’s that? I don’t remember.

I am about half through part 2, but so far I don’t think anyone has had an optimized combo yet. Even on normal lockouts there aren’t a lot of heavy auto-doubles. In one of the Shago matches, on a counter-breaker he just did HP-MP-HP-MP, but he could have put in another HP.

These guys are all better players than me, but they are missing out on damage. And since some of these matches are so close, they might have cost themselves a win.

Tournament pressure can affect people. A lot of them weren’t veterans like Bass or Rico or Grief so its not surprising that they haven’t optimized. It all leads back to Bass’ recent video about learning how to play the game more effectively. People just haven’t put as much time in to honing their reactions to situations, KI is quite faster than most FGs (excluding anime) too so its not uncommon to see even the pros dropping optimal stuff.

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do you have a link to this video? sounds like an interesting watch…



wow, this feel super relevant. I know for a fact I make mistakes all the darn time that I need to improve upon and watching this makes that clear. Thanks for finding this.

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Saw that Bass video and found it extremely good. Being a complete player is not an easy task. There are many areas to explore and improve. And if you can have all, at least you can push the best ones you have (good reads,reactions, AA, confirms/execution, mind games, breaking game, baiting, etc)

I also agree that nerves mess everything. That’s one of the hardest aspect of tourneys.


Yeah, I get tournament nerves, but optimizing counter-breaker combos isn’t difficult. There is a lengthy pause in the action when it happens that allows you to collect yourself. These guys should be getting damage in the 50-60% range when they happen and not the lows 40s.

They would have better success with punishing counter breaker attempts and shadow counters by doing a heavy into opener or heavy into shadow. A lot of times these guys are doing lights into opener and getting 10% when they could be getting 15 to 20%.

I get it, tournament nerves. I’m not there so I should be considerate in my criticism. But just doing those two things alone could have swung some matches.