Killer Instinct in Paint 3D!

Hey Everyone!

If you have the Creators Update for Windows 10, you’ll have access to the new Paint 3D app. It’s a really cool way to play with 3D models, and as someone with a (broken) Makerbot 3D printer, I really appreciate Microsoft’s new focus on 3D model creation. Neat!

The cherry on top of Paint 3D is this massive archive of premade models that users can easily import into their own creative projects called They’ve got a TON of cool models to get newbies started playing with creating and remixing their own 3D models, and I took a bit of time to browse their selection when I ran into their Xbox section…

They have downloadable character models of Sabrewulf, Spinal, and Jago, as well as their accessories!

There are tons of models from Project Spark, Conker, Kinect Adventures, and others, and it’d be really cool to see if any of you guys can do something neat with the KI models. Here’s hoping that we get more- An Aganos model would be a great model to remix!



No way! This is awesome!

Does this mean you can pretty much create pictures with these?

You betcha!:+1:


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Oh boy! Maybe I’ll give this a shot…

Excellent, amazing, stupendous, and impressive work already there :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

Pictures and 3D figures if you have a 3D printer.

F-F-F-F-FALSE INFORMATION!!! :sweat_smile:

You can go nuts with these models and any that you can create yourself to make whatever 2D image that your imagination can dream up! Here, check out this introductory blog post from the Remix 3D team:

Once you’ve learned the basics of manipulating models in 3D, tweaking lighting, and getting juuuust the right angle, you can make all kinds of fantastic pictures!

Have fun!


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