Killer Instinct GOLD (not to be confused with Ki gold)

Since KI 2013-2016 is a reboot and collective so to speak of the original 90’s games… I would like to think of season 1-3 once complete as just that… Killer Instinct… with that said, I think it would be out of this world if instead of a season 4, We enjoy this current product for a few years, maybe 2 ( with a little adage (bonus stage/character/boss)here and there, while IG/MS work on an entirely new shiny awesome second game or follow up

KILLER INSTINCT GOLD release date Dec 2018/April 2019


Oh, you mean a sequel to the new KI, just called KI Gold.

I would like a sequal, however, only when IG thinks this KI is 100% complete. Alot of people want this game to get seasons all the way through the Xbox One’s generation, so maybe a sequal could be made for the next Xbox, whenever that is.

yea that’s how I’m envisioning it, but also don’t want this run to be dragged out like oh say SFIV with 40 characters and all kinds of craziness just for people to only use the original 10 anyway… so at some point this needs to be complete. and we enjoy it as is for a little bit while they work on a full release, whether they need 2 or 3 years to accomplish it, I don’t mind, I doubt I’ll ever put this current KI…

oddly enough I actually still do have KI Gold N64

The Xbone’s life cycle is estimated to be at 8 years (minimum) according to them. We’re about 3 years in, so we have about 5 more. Making even 2 more seasons in that time would add 16 characters to the current 25. 41 characters is a lot, and not a number I’d like to see in KI. I hope there’s more content coming in the future, maybe at least a Season 4 followed by just balance changes, maybe the occasional bonus character or stage or something.

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