Killer Instinct: Glacius 98 Hit Double Musical Ultra Combo

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What happen to the enders on the ultras? why where the ultra enders like the one in the video taken out? it sounded so perfect especially glacius. Also this jago one too!

And Sabrewulf

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Are you talking about the shadow crystallize at the end? Or the ending combo description? When you say ultra ender I’m thinking of when you press LP+LK to end a ultra

No the actual complete end of the ultra. The sound of it. It was waay better idk why they took them out.

Idk why, it sounds a lot cleaner now however so I can see why they changed it.

To this day I still wish they kept the old ending sound of the Tiger Lair.
Sounds more cool and Dramatic to me

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The old shadow effect looks so cool!